Rob Feldt: Great American Contributing To The American Society

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Rob Feldt: Great American contributing to the American society
Rob Feldt served and serves American by sacrificing his life for his country by joining the U.S Navy, to being a mechanic, improving how Americans eat food, and caring for his family.
Rob Feldt lived a normal childhood like any other American kid growing up in a middle-class family. Raised in Olmsted Falls, Rob would the second youngest of six children in his family. With living in the suburbs, Rob’s family would live in a high middle class society with even owning a vacation home in Marblehead. Rob recalls going to Marblehead a wonderful and always exciting experience in his childhood.
When junior year of high school came along, Rob would attended a vocational school for mechanics. Rob would thrive in this school with teacher being astonish by Rob’s mechanical experience at a young age. When graduation time came along Rob would have to make a very important decision with his life. Rob’s father offered to pay the first year of college if Rob would like to attended. However Rob had a different vision for his future, one that included mechanics and cars. A compromise had been made and Rob would not go to college. Instead Rob’s father agreed to build a new garage for Rob for a mechanical business his son could run. The project of this garage would cost $10,000 dollars to build. The small town car mechanical shop seemed to be a wise investment with a lot of business coming in. (Feldt)
When it comes to family in the Feldt’s it means something special to each family member. A value and bond no one can break or may have with their own families like the Feldt’s. Robert Feldt is Rob’s father who he was named after. Robert Feldt would be successful businessman in sells. As for Rob’s mother Hannibal Feldt who was a stay at home mom for the Feldt family. Rob also mentions that his siblings also inspired him as well to go after his dream with mechanics. As Rob looks about at this he is greatly appreciated that his brothers and sisters always wanted the best for him. (Feldt)
Rob would go through many careers before becoming Agriculture process engineer he is today. The first job Rob ever had would be working under a fast food chain called Famous Recipe Chicken. Here he would serve as a cook for the restaurant for about a year. Another job opportunity would come to Rob through a childhood friend. This job would be the Madison Street Market in town down North Olmsted. Rob would have to do many jobs at the Madison Street Market such as: Grocery boy, stock boy, and box boy.
As time when on and with going to a vocational mechanical school, Rob would be offered a job through his mechanical shop teacher. This job would be at Ridge Road Auto Recking in North Olmsted. Rob jokes about this career in his life do to the responsibilities for this job isn’t what he expected at all. Rob would only switch tires out for customers coming in that needed new tires such as for the winter season.
With Rob...

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