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Damaged Minds: Insanity Essay

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Insanity by definition is a deranged state of the mind usually occurring as a specific disorder. Although the definition of insanity has always been argued, this definition is broad enough to be accepted. A famous quote about the insanity definition is, “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” - Albert Einstein ( This however is incorrect. Insanity is not a diagnoses unlike what some people believe. It is mostly a legal term that is used in court to defend those who commit a crime and don’t know that their actions weren’t socially acceptable.
Insanity has been around forever and can affect any person. Since 1581, insanity has ...view middle of the document...

People with anxiety disorders, mood disorders, psychotic disorders, eating disorders, impulse control and addiction disorders, personality disorders, adjustment disorders, dissociative disorder, factious disorders, sexual and gender disorders, somatoform disorders, and tic disorders are all considered insane. Out of all of these disorders the most likely to be violent is dissociative disorders, personality disorders, impulse control and addiction disorders, psychotic disorders, and sometimes anxiety disorders. Not all people who have these disorders may become violent, but are more likely to become violent.
Causes of insanity can be things we can’t control, genetics, or things that can be overcome, death of someone important. Biological factors that can cause different types of mental illnesses are genetics, infections, brain defects or injury, prenatal damage, substance abuse, or being exposed to some toxins. Psychological factors can be any type of abuse as a child, an important early loss of a person, and neglect. A bad home environment can cause some mental illnesses, such as death or divorce, dysfunctional family life, social or cultural expectations, substance abuse by the person or the person’s parents ( These factors are not the only ones that cause insanity, but they are the main ones.
In my artwork, the overall things will be how someone will lose who they are, show that they are insane, show how they are insane, and how a person became insane. I will depict theses through a man who loses his marbles, a women who has two faces, a child left with a broken mind, and other people. I will also show someone who is fighting his or her insanity and putting his or her self back together again after the fight.
I chose insanity because of the unknown aspect of the theme. The ways people’s brains differ are facinating. Insanity is a part of a person’s personality and each type of insanity has a...

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