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Damascus Road And Teens Today Essay

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I think that today's teens do, in a sense, travel on Damascus Road in many ways, and kind of resembles how teens today are coverted. Paul's conversion, for example, was sudden, expected, and maybe even a little intrusive. I know many teens today who see the light at many unexpected times.An example would be through the Antioch retreats that I go on at my Church. I know many people who have gone on a weekend retreat only becuase they had to as a requirement for Confirmation. As the weekend(s) progressed, I saw people change from just being there because they had to, to opening up to others and really getting involved about what was going on. Then, every week, the youth group has Wednesday night meetings, so people can continue to strengthen their relationship with God and learn more about Him.A friend of mine came on a weekend with me because she had to for Confirmation and I wanted her too. She really didn't want to and thought that it would be a waste of a weekend, she would rather be at the big party that weekend, or at the movies, not After about an hour of being there, I noticed that she changed from acting like she had to be there to opening up and really wanting to get involved and meet new people. I asked her what made her change in that hour. She said that she felt so comfortable with people of her age that she could interact with and share her opinions about religion and God with these other people, and in return hear what they had to say.Another way of unexpected conversion is if someone close to you gets sick or is close to dying. You might pray to God and say that you will come closer to Him, and convert if he helps this other person. Then, you go and convert.Maybe, if you are an atheist, and your friend brings you on a retreat or to mass, and maybe invitesd you over for dinner on feast days, you will learn what the religion is about. By learning what the religion is about, you may realize, that yes, this is somehting that you would like to be a part of, and learn more about. At this time, you may decide to convert.A third possibility could be that a relative of yours that is very religious is coming to visit you from Europe. You may have had a bunch of things planned for you guys to do everyday, but they said to you ok, but I want to go to Church every morning and then we can go out from there. In this instance, you are prety much being dragged to Church, and show you what religion and having faith is all about. This could make you want to convert.I have one more way that I think is successful. Picture this: You were having a great week, and then all of a sudden everything started to go downhill. First, you got a D on a quiz. Next, you got in to a fight with your little brother and he beat you up. Then, your friend got mad at you because of something you "supposedly" said, but really...

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