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Damian's Dream Essay

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Damian Wyatt would always remember this day. The day when the San Jose Earthquakes chose him, a rookie, over all star Robbie Keane. As a first round pick, he had an immense amount of pressure on his shoulders. As he walked into the press room after getting drafted, the alternating blue and green tiles popped out at him. The blue tiles had the SJ logo inscribed on it while the green tiles had the MLS logo on it. All of those tiled were on the wall behind him though. As he turned around, his heart plummeted. Dozens of reporters were itching to ask him questions, like little kids begging for candies.
He and his advisor sat down in front of a long, large table that served as a barrier ...view middle of the document...

This was because even though his parents had gotten him interested in soccer at a young age, they had wanted it to be a strong point for him to use in his college applications. Jeffrey and Amanda Wyatt had their only child’s life planned out for him. He had gotten valedictorian in middle and high school. They thought that nothing could go wrong with their plan. What they hadn’t expected was that Damian would say no to UC Berkeley and a prosperous life for Santa Clara University and soccer. Damian took their disownment threats as a bunch of BS. He thought that no parents, especially his loving, caring parents, would abandon their child. 6 months later, he received a letter in the mail saying that his parents had disowned him and had nothing to do with Damian or his life from that point onward.
This whole thing had happened 4 years ago but he still had never wrapped his head around why his parents wouldn’t accept his passion and his wishes. He wanted to be a soccer player and not a doctor. He wanted to cut and fake his opponents out. He didn’t want to cut people open. He had tried to explain to them but his parents had ignored him. But like his coaches told him on the field everyday, “All you have to do his try.” He had done that to no avail. After a certain amount of time, you have to move on and that’s what Damian did.
His passion and determination had helped him become an all-star Bronco. He held the record for most games during a regular season with a total of 21 goals. The previous record at SCU had been 17 goal and the NCAA record was 20. He chose biology as his major because he hoped his parents would be happy if he took a major related to medicine. Another reason was because it required less commitment and was less strenuous and gave him more time to spend on soccer. One technique that was popular in football was to watch footage of the opposing team to get an insight on the players. Damian had used this technique to give him an edge in games. He easily recognized team formations, plays, and moves that he had seen in the footage. He outsmarted each player that got in his way. He was not only a good player but a smart player. But he knew that the MLS is nothing like...

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