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My dance titled “Night’s Embrace” is about the brain waves during sleep. During sleep, our brains are the most active while our bodies are the least active. Throughout the night, our brain goes through four different stages. The brain waves in our sleep are constantly changing and is integral in our sleep. The first and second stages of the brain waves are slower and is more steady as it happens in the beginning of our sleep, lasting for only a couple of minutes. The third and fourth stages of the brain waves are more rapid and less constant, during which we also enter a phase where we have dreams and nightmares. These stages are our brains’ activity during sleep but scientist are still exploring further and studying the brain during sleep to understand our bodies better and the sleep cycle better.

“Night’s embrace” was inspired by the mysterious and intriguing ways of sleep. The fascination and complexity of the brain is something that many have been studying and that we need our brains to function is why I wanted to do a dance piece like this. What made it motivating for me to do a dance piece like this was that the idea of sleep being a vital part of our lives and that our brain fuels the dreams and how we sleep, pushed me further into wanting to create a piece like this. The basis for the dance was imbedded in the idea of having four different stages of brain waves. I broke down each stage of the brain waves and the basic idea for the dance started from there.

The dance starts of with each dancer posing in a different position. This is to represent the overall dance and what is there during the sleep cycle. In relation to space, the different levels each dancer is posing adds to the feel and the impact the dance has. The dancer on the floor, lying down represents the sleeper or dreamer; the dancer posing on the knees represents the dream phase of sleep, while the dancer standing is to represent brain waves. The different levels act as a way of telling a story where a person sleeping has dreams or nightmares but overall it has to do with brain waves. In the first about two minutes of the dance, the dynamics of the movements are generally slower. This is to represent the first and second stages of brain waves were the activity is slow, small and more uniform. However, in the second stage, there is occasional rapid activity but overall it is slow. The dancers do slow movements, almost hypnotic to represent the slowness and the monotonous of the first stage. While there is slower dynamics in the second stage of the dance, the dancers tried representing the occasional rapid activity by adding a few jerkier, faster and robotic movements. The music timing also plays apart in showing the rapid activity. At points where the music is more constant, the movements tend to be slower while points in where the beat of the music is more prominent, the movements are faster. The contrast of this helps help with the dynamic of the dance. The...

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