Dance And Safety Essay

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Dance is a special form of performing art which uses body motions and an aesthetic form to express and communicate. The physical, intellectual and psychological demands of dancing are compatible to those most strenuous sports and as a result sometimes do not always set realistic expectations of dancers. Dance movements require explosive power, sustained effort and endurance.Female dancers suffer from eating disorders, amenorrhoea and osteoporosis. Dancers often start training at an early age thus placing unique stresses on their musculoskeletal system during their period of growth and development. Years of dedication, perseverance and intense practice are required before one can achieve the status of an elite dancer.The knowledge of medical problems of dancers has expanded greatly in the past two decades and dance medicine is developing into a subspecialty in itself.Most injuries which occur from dance are minor injuries or overuse problems because of the high physical demand on dancers the resultant functional disability in dancers is significant. The mental stress involved in coping with injuries can never be accurately measured. Many dancers tend to continue to dance or return to full performance before adequate recovery and rehabilitation thus perpetuating the problem.The majority of dance injuries are overuse injuries which develop slowly over time. Tendinopathies, strains and sprains are commonly seen. The mechanism of these injuries are related to the repetitive movements and loading. Insufficient warm-up, fatigue and technical error were cited as contributing factors to dance injuries. Inappropriate or ill-maintained dance floors, an unconditioned body and low environmental temperatures may also play a role. Recognition and diagnosis of these injuries are often delayed as dancers tend to ignore and tolerate minor systems. Problems are often not brought to medical attention for fear of the need to suspend dancing. SAFETY CODE FOR DANCEDance Safe CodePractice safe warm-up/cool-down procedures appropriate to the style of dance as an integral part of lesson planning.Be aware of the various types of stretching (appropriate to the style or genre) and be able to identify their advantages and disadvantages.Sequence dance exercises effectively and safely.Identify risk factors in dance exercises and technique relevant to the style of dance and to individual students.Provide a safe dance environment, e.g. venue, floors, facilities. The dance location should be a flat area, free from stones and loose objects, even, firm, not slippery, large enough for the dance activity and the number of students participating kept clear of Stereo sound equipment and props not in use.Young dancers need to secure or remove any loose apparel, jewellery and other ornaments that may cause injury to themselves and/or other participants. Also long hair should be pulled back if it is likely to impair visionwear and wear appropriate clothing and footwear suitable to the...

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