Dance: A Form Of Communication Essay

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Dance is a form of communication. Through dance one can tell the story of the lineage. It can also reveal where someone has been and where they are going. Dance is one of the oldest forms of communication between people. People have had body expression long before they had paper in pain and technology. Communication through dance is more that emotional it is also spiritual level. It can shoot a feeling that cannot be described in words but only through movement.

Some of the most beautiful forms art start with the body movement. Artists use their hands and arms to create smooth or rigid lines. The lines that are left on the canvas can indicate the mood of the artist. Every time the artist creates a masterpiece a mood and a movement is connected to it. The way musicians play their instruments with precision is another way that the body helps to create art. Thus, it is only right that the body's natural movement be considered art. I use the words body's natural movement because daily activities can be considered a dance. Dance does not have to be choreographed in order to be art.

Dance has all been used as a symbol for a rite of passage this is still common today. Young girls Sweet 16, the father daughter dance at a wedding ceremony and the celebration of spiritual awareness are all rites of passage and recognized through dance. Dancing is not something people do only for fun. It is a tradition in families and in society. Celebration ritual practices are the ultimate way for people to express their joy or sadness. Celebration rituals can be about birth, death and everything in between (life). Dance allows people to release emotions that we cannot find the words for.

2. Music should not be the focus when compared to dancing. Music should be thought of as support for the music. Using music to support dance is a way to help someone keep rhythm or to provoke a more in-depth feeling. The music should not overshadow the movement. That is not to say that music does not play a significant role in storytelling. Music and dance can reach people in different ways which is a great thing. Sometimes a dance does not have that special something that is needed to betray a story accurately. The same can be said for music. In many situations the storyteller can use both to connect a larger audience.

3. The three values that I enjoy are family, spiritual awareness and hopelessness. Family is the foundation for all people. If this...

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