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Dance Education Essay

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Dance Education Outline Why is dance a necessary and basic part of a students' education? Is there evidence that dance education results in significant educational outcomes (e.g., self-esteem, critical thinking, cross-cultural thinking, body/kinesthetic intelligence, interdisciplinary perspectives)? 1. Introduction 2. Thesis statement 3. History 4. Status 5. Physiology a. Intervention b. Statistics c. Positive aspects 6. Sociology a. Socialization b. Etiquette c. Connection d. Religion 7. Psychology a. Motivation b. Self-esteem c. Affective education 8. Summary 9. Works cited Introduction Dancing is a natural impulse-- an instinctual mode of self expression and communication. For many people dance is limited to what they see on television or at the local preforming art's theater. Nevertheless, they don't need to be professionally trained to move to music.A growing body of research shows that dance is the Retin-A of physical and emotional health. It can help us age gracefully. It stretches and strengthens the muscles, lubricates the joints, and gets rid of tension. It's also a great social and supportive activity (Brody 54) According to Peter Pover, a former competitive dancer and past president of the U.S. Dance sport council: In Germany doctors did tests in which they wired up the country's 800-meter running champion and its amateur dance champions. They found no significant athletic difference between running 800 meters and doing the quickstep for one and one half minutes. That's just one dance. In competition couples have to do five ninety second dances in a row, with only 20 seconds between dances. Moreover, the women have to do it going backwards! All a runner has to do is jog around the track (Swift 72).People dance because it's totally absorbing and makes them forget everything else. They dance for exercise, to control weight or to overcome a physical disability. Through dancing, your body image becomes clearer.Physical fitness and social relationships can be illusive, monotonous, time consuming, difficult to keep up with, and expensive. In my search for the ultimate exercise experience I have done weight lifting, stair stepping, bicycling, running, swimming, step aerobics, high and low impact aerobics, water aerobics, yoga and team sports. To meet people and make friends I've tried night clubs, gyms and self-help books.Then I found dance. The experience of dancing with a woman at the end of my arm is like nothing else I have experienced in any other activity. The words ?would you like to dance?' have a universal appeal that few people can resist.Dancing for enjoyment is a pleasant exercise using the body and mind in unison, directing physical energy into rhythmic patterns. I believe that dance is for everyone and everyone can participate in and learn through dance because we live our lives through movement-gathering, assimilating and expressing knowledge. Dance plays an important role in the growth of students as it develops kinesthetic...

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