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The novel Dancing Naked was a very touching story to me as a teenager. This certain novel had many characters to which I think I can relate to because most of them were very young. They had many problems and had to face each of them as an adult. This story teaches what kind of values we should have as teenagers and as young ladies that we are. Because of this novel, I have learned that the easy way out is not always the best way out and also the other way around, that there are decisions that we must make in life and sometimes they are not very easy but we have to make them because those are the facts in life. The main character, named Kia, a young, sixteen year old girl who was brought up with morals just like me or any other person. Her parents were supportive and she was involved in a church youth group. She faced many problems as a teenager. Kia had to face problems much worse than typical teen problems such as acne; she had to face pregnancy. Kia was pretty much alone in her pregnancy, only her close friend, Justin, stuck by her and supported her. As Kia was going through her pregnancy, she had to learn how to become an adult and at the same time make the best of her life because you are only a teenager once in you whole lifetime. As young teenagers, we are forced to make some decisions and some of those decisions will affect us for the rest of our lives and will decide who we are in our future. Kia had to decide whether she wanted to raise her baby and stop being a teenager or whether she wanted to give her baby up for adoption and never know if her baby would have a good life, or whether the baby would ever be able to forgive her. Kia made one of the biggest decisions that she would ever have to make in her whole life and this affected the rest of the story. This has affected me in the way that I know what kind of things I should and shouldn't do and why it is that I should try to live up to my morals and why it is that I should make the right decisions now because it will affect me in the long run. This book teaches a lot about parenthood and why it is that we should wait until we can be mature and responsible. This shows why it is that we should wait for the right person with which we would want to form a family. We should look for someone special because that person will be with us forever. Doing something stupid like Kia did could jeopardize your future. To a girl, especially, virginity should be something they treasure because they have only one chance at it and you should be careful. This taught me how we should not take chances with things that are very important to us because sometimes the consequences that sometimes happen are very harmful and are not the kind of penalties that you want to have. Consequences such as getting pregnant could ruin your life forever, you would have to live with whatever decision you made for the rest of your life. An adoption is something that Kia had to consider and finally she...

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