Dance Room: My Special Place Essay

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Did you ever know how a dancer’s life can be? Dancing can be used to impress others and to express their personal feelings. The dance room in my high school still resides as my special place that has brought back many good memories from the past because it has taught me how to relieve my stress from challenging courses that I have taken during my sophomore year in high school. Even Though, Reyna does not dance it could relate to the way on how she tries to defend herself on what other people around abuela Evila neighborhood had called her an “orphan” because the way she dressed and her hair had lice for someone who hasn’t taken a shower in a while. Although, some people may argue that dancing has nothing to do with stress relief it’s all for impression and being defensive to someone who criticize will hurt you more in terms of showing weakness.

The dance room was large enough to fit fifty dancers and the floor was made with highly durable material wood that would protect it from heavy scratches from the edges of their shoes. The wood on the floor was classic oak colored and the walls had large mirrors where dancers could see their whole body from top to bottom across the whole room. The dance room would sometimes be invaded by odor due to dancers not using the deodorant and their feet’s cheesy smell. Sadly the dance

room did not contain an air conditioner so if the room got warm the only option was to have the doors open. The dance room would be open every weekday after school and everyone was basically invited to the dance workshop. Everytime the dance room was available I would see my dance instructor teaching new incoming students who wanted to learn how to breakdance and he worked a part time job. I had asked my instructor “ so why did you choose to teach other people how to dance” and he said “ Well, I recently got laid off from my nursing jobs so I decided to teach you guys how to have a healthy lifestyle of showing your true expression”. I then realize that he could have...

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