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Dance Team Philosophies Essay

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Since I have been in this class I have gotten the opportunity to hear about many different directing styles and team philosophies. This semester I got a chance to listen to Abby Payne, Tracey Anderson, and Kellie Jackson-Jandt. From listening to their experiences and drawing back on my own experiences I have learned a lot about how I would want to lead my team.
Abby Payne at Lake Travis High School claims her team is all about the show. They do football, contest, and spring show but spring show is the team’s favorite. One thing that seemed unique about her team is that they devote an entire group or the “Elite team” to preparing the dancers who want to dance collegiately. This is a great ...view middle of the document...

Tracey believes that a dance team is meant to dance, so they dance every chance they can! I love that Tracey holds her team to a professional team’s standards. Tracey considers herself as an agent for the Blue Belles and models the way she promotes the Blue Belles the way Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders would. I love this idea because it gets the community to know all about Blue Belles and not just people who are at Leander High School. It is also very smart for Tracey to spend a lot of money on choreography for her show because it gives the dancers a chance to broaden their horizon and also allows them to improve their dancing and choreographing skills. Tracey also had great advice about practicing. If you are efficient, organized, and don’t waste time during practice things will get accomplished quickly. When things are accomplished quickly and efficiently the team can easily get a chance to challenge themselves and grow their talents as dancers. It is so inspiring that Tracey has been at Leander for so long and has had the opportunity to influence so many lives throughout her career. This is definitely a mindset I would want to have throughout my directing career.
The last director who I got a chance to talk to is Kellie Jackson-Jandt from Samuel Clemens High School. Her team dedicates a lot of time to both football season and contest season. The administration puts a lot of pressure on her team to have dazzling halftime performances with as many girls as possible on the field. Kellie puts a lot of effort to create exciting football performances to keep the crowd drawn in at half time. But what her team really loves is contest season. They do not have an emphasis on winning, even though it is...

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