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Dancers Are Athletes Essay

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Albert Einstein once said “Dancers are the athletes of God.” Dancers deserve to have the title of athlete, to start, take a look at the definition of an athlete “a person trained or gifted in exercises or contests involving physical agility, stamina, or strength” (dictionary). While dancing requires great artistry, artistry is just one aspect of dance, because there is clearly an athletic side as well. Dancers athletic side is not seen by many because of the reality of what is seen on stage, but is what is seen on stage all of it? The amount of passion and dedication dancers have leads to countless hours at the studio every week. With the many genres of dance to choose from, each involve ...view middle of the document...

The difference with dance is that the pain, and suffering done at the studio is not seen, when in a sport like soccer people can see the amount of practice a team has done before a game. While the athletic factor of dance is one thing, the art factor of it is another; making dance a vigorous activity requiring more than just the athlete side. Dance is considered an art form and there is much more to the art than physical skill and virtuosity. Musicality, expression and creativity are often included in the criteria of what makes a good dancer. (Dance Consortium) Being a good dancer is not as easy as it looks to the outside world. The world of dance showcased is not even a beginning to what goes on, and it is not showcased enough like other sports are. Another problem with dance that is underseen is the injury level and the unfair treatment of their injuries. In dance, it is fairly easy to suffer from an injury, just like in other sports and activities.
This aesthetic, however, is achieved at a price. Dancers suffer from a number of chronic and acute injuries that, if not addressed, can delay progress, lead to compensatory injuries or even end careers. (Philadelphia Dance). An end of a career can be just one injury away, and an end of a passion as well, due to not getting the proper treatment. Most other sports injuries get treatment as soon as an injury occurs to try and get the athlete back to playing as soon as they can. If dancers received that kind of care, it would be much easier for dancers to keep their passion alive, except it is not that easy.
Dancers who go to their general practitioner or even sports medicine doctor are often told to ‘stop dancing’. Whereas athletes with similar injuries, have a host of treatments offered to them that will help keep them on the playing field or, at the very least, get them back there as soon as possible. (Philadelphia Dance).
Proper healing processes are not offered to a dancer, which underestimates what the injury will do to someone, both physically and mentally. Dancers deserve to get back into the studio as soon as they can, the way other sports players are given numerous treatment options so that they can get them back to their game as soon as possible. It is unfair to the dancers of the world, since they love dancing just as much as a soccer player loves to play soccer. Their passion for dance is being taken away from them because they are told that they cannot do it anymore just because of an injury, and are not given proper treatment options that could potentially get them back to their studio. The life of a dancer and an athlete are very alike. Proper habits must be practiced for one to be successful. Due to the physical demands placed on the body health, diet and self-discipline are all crucial to both dance and athletics. (Dance Consortium) Dance and sports are very similar contrary to what other believe, and dancers deserve just as much recognition that other sports receive.
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