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Dancing As A Form Of Adoration

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Can we dance to the Lord? How much skin can we show without apologizing? How should we behave in the house of the Lord? What parts of our bodies can we move without destroying a proper liturgy? There are different views about dance in Christian circles, but there’s a guarantee that dance can be and is a form of adoration to God and a tool for evangelism.
There is a proper time to dance; however, dance can still be an effective tool within the Christian culture. I grew up as a dancer and as a Christian. Through my life I had to deal with negative looks from people in my church because I dance. It is as if God forbade us to move our bodies beyond the “please stand” and “you may be seated” parts of the service. In contrast, other people would support and give me opportunities to serve the Lord and reach non-believers through dance. Is dance a sin, or can we actually dance to show our love and adoration to the Lord?
This research will show how dance is and should be more encouraged as a form of adoration. The dances of the Old Testament were not a personal pleasure as a means of showing enthusiasm, they were full of gesticulations, violent leaps, or hopping in a circle, rather than graceful poses or soft rhythmic movement (MacDonald, 45). That type of movement characterized Jewish dances both of ancient and medieval times (MacDonald, 45).
There are only a few exceptions to group dancing in the Old Testament, and those were not danced to God, yet an act of seduction or personal adoration (Walter A. Elwell, 1745). In the New Testament, the Christian Church understood the Jewish traditions as a group and also individual dance (Walter A. Elwell, 1749). The individual dance, however, is always connected to a non-worshipful scene; the dance of Salome before Herod is one example of it (Mark 6.14-29).
“Dancing is referred to a number of times in Scripture. In most instances, it is religious dance. For example, Miriam and the Jewish women danced after crossing the Red Sea (Ex. 15.20). Writers who have studied this subject came to a conclusion that these dances were not even close to dance today. Dance was used to show religious joy, was performed openly, and women and men never danced together. However, there are some instances in which the Scripture mentions a different type of dance, other than religious. The Israelites danced around the golden calf that they had made while Moses was on the Mountain receiving the Law (Ex. 32). The result was that 3,000 of them were slain (Ex. 32). Salome danced before Herod and pleased him, but her mother, taking advantage of the occasion, caused Herod to commit the crime of the beheading of John the Baptist (Mark 6.14-29). These are a few examples of non-religious dances and their results, which will bring me to my next statement: dance in itself is not a sin.” (C. Bruce Cresson).
Today some Christians believe that dance is a sin. If dance is a sin, does God view dance as a sin? Let us also try to...

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