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Dancing, Drinks And Blood Essay

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Since Bonnie's kidnapping everything was upside down. We tried to keep the mirage of the perfect group of friends. We were friends who from time to time gathered to keep connected. Some had found new loves others are still tragically entwine in a romantic triangle. We keep ignoring the big white elephant in the room.

My humans friends didn't know about the fights. My Lovely Love and my brother kept fighting about the same thing, but then are too cautious to worry Matt or Meredith. Damon conceded that to Elena. The peace of the night was often interrupted by their arguments. Elena wants to find Bonnie. Elena wants to know what Damon did to her friend? And especially she wants to know why he did it?

I know Elena and she won't give up until she gets what she wants. I know my brother and he won't break the promise he gave. Apparently he gave his word to Bonnie and he's now bound by it.

So stubborn both of them and yet... I still love them. Even if it hurts. Frankly it's just tiresome to be under this continuous tension. I haven't talked to Matt of Meredith about it but it was easy to guess why they kept the reunions to just “hang out” to a minimum these days.

Again I heard Damon's angry words and Elena's pleading. Now it was the perfect time.
I'll follow him and discover where he goes every time he has a spat with Elena. I just hope he won't sense me too soon.


Here we were at a dreadful human party. Why on earth did I said yes?

I flew away from my Princess because I didn't want to mistreat her, but this is...


Red Bird's sing-song voice interrupted my brooding. Oh hell! When did I start brooding? That's Stefan's territory.

“Damon... come on!”

I let her pull me towards the dancing space. It was hot. Too many bodies gyrating and following the rhythm and beats of this awful music. These kids were clueless of what true music was.

“Damon, please move a little.”

I stared at her. Her big doe eyes watching and expecting some sort or response. She was jumping like the others. Yes, what they were doing was jumping because it didn't make any sense to call it dancing. I smirked and grabbed her.

I surprised her and a delicious blush appeared on her skin. To the human eye would be difficult to see but I was no human. Her heart beat raced a little and that made me smirk again.

I moved our bodies trying to follow the beats of the music.


“Shh! Red Bird. Let it go.”

She closed her eyes and submitted to my movements and surprisingly I let it go too. I didn't want to think if I did the right thing. I didn't want to think that possibly I was playing with fire.

I pursued my Elena and force her heart to love me when she still love my brother. I was fully aware of that fact and yet I kept coming to where my Little Bird was. Her pull came stronger after I erased her memories....

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