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Dancing Is Not A Crime Essay

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An American classic film and play is one about a small town, Bomont, West Virginia, where the local leaders ban dancing fearing it will lead to other destructive decisions. The local pastor, who has gained a position of power in the local community, feels that dancing and music leads to drugs, partying, and drinking. Actions that lead to the death of his son after a night of partying. From an American perspective on the film, Footloose, is one that is ignorant and close minded. One would think that this ideology is no longer among us as the world has evolved and modernized. But it does still exist in Japan’s third largest city, Osaka.
In a section of the city called Amemura otherwise known as “little America” has been under fire for violating laws known as Fueiho. Fueiho or the Entertainment Control Laws controls forms of entertainment on the tiny island nation. It requires any establishments to obtain a license that allows their customers to dance in their club. Over the last few years authorities have turned the other check but know raid have begun on the clubs that did not purchase licenses. Basic restrictions are set by
these laws such as closing time should be midnight or one o’clock but these
laws also enforce the club must “have 66 square miles of unobstructed floor space in the main room”
(Dancing Ban). With lack of space in Japan clubs do not have the space for a dance floor this big.Fueiho law goes back to the Taisho period which began in 1912 ending in 1926 in which police tried to regulate the dance halls. For the older generations dance halls was a place with questionable morals where strangers danced closely that lead to bad questions later in the night. Often a Western tradition, elders looked down with it even more. It was later added that “…students, even if they were over 20, what is considered adult in Japan- could not enter dance halls anymore, and department stores prohibit their employees from going there. As a result, it became hard for young women to go to such places.” Meaning that the clubs now experienced a lull in female customers leaving no one for male customers to dance with. A ticket system was designed that used hire female dancers or taxi dancers as they were called, to dance with for one song. These taxi dancers lead to prostitution in dance halls but was later made illegal in 1958. In post-war Japan, the increase in Americans gave dance halls an even worse name. The army soldiers added to the rise of prostitution which lead to the increase in regulation with Fueiho. As we move into the modern era dance halls have been replaced with disco, clubs and bars with dance...

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