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Basic need potentialItaly has a population of over 57 million and does not have nearly enough food to feed the consumers. Italian consumers have found it acceptable to eat non-traditional foods, which indicates the need for imported food items. Therefore, exporting food items to Italy from the United States has become a very lucrative business. One of the emerging trends in Italy is prepared foods and ready to eat snacks. The traditional meals have been disappearing from the tables and being replaced with many types of frozen foods that can be purchased in some of the large supermarket chains throughout Italy.With the economy increasing year after year in Italy more families have found it easier and cheaper to buy the non-traditional meals for consumption. Also, the patterns indicate more active life styles and the ability to eat snacks along with the lack of home cooked meals. Market trends indicate that the consumers of the imported products are becoming not only the younger generation but the more established generation as well.Foreign InvestmentEven though Italy has problems attracting foreign investment, the country does provide ample opportunities for investment. The governmental requirements can be a burden at times, but the government will work with foreign investors by providing some assistance in dealing with the various, and sometimes confusing, regulations.Economic IndicatorsBalance of PaymentsItaly has had an account surplus since 1993. However, in 1999 the surplus reached 6.4 billion, which was down from the surplus, amount of 21.8 billion in 1998. Over the last three years the surplus has been decreasing but the national debt has also been decreasing, as the government is highly concentrated on reducing the debt. The Italian government has sold off some companies, which is also a factor in the depleting surplus.Degree of InflationItaly inflation has been slowed recently but still remains sixth in the world in the Industrial Economy. The one factor to the decline to inflation is the decrease in exports and the increase in imports. Italy is still within the norms indicated by the (EMU) which is an amazing achievement for this historical inflation prone country. The inflation rate for Italy has been consistently around 2% for 97,98 and 99. As the price of oil has increased over the past two years it is projected that the inflation rate for 2002 will be right around 3%. A major contributor to the inflation rate going up is the wage pact that was signed in 1993 and renewed in 1998 and runs through 2002. The pact has created a cost cut in labor and includes incentives for investments and other working training activities.Exchange Controls / Currency ConvertibilityCurrently Italy has no restrictions on the amount of foreign exchange brought into the country via checks, currency. Just like almost every country the amount of money brought into the country and declared may be re-exported. "The Italian exchange regulations are issued by the...

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