Risk Factors Affecting Hispanic Domestic Violence

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Patriarchy ideology is embedded in the predominantly Latin American structure of machismo of supremacy over females (Alcalde, 2011). There are hegemonic methods of masculinity that stress male authority, magisterial and honor concerning females to some males, but it is an unusual overstated and exaggerated in male masculinities (Alcalde, 2011: 465).
In contrast, there are many who do not advocate violence, and they seek to educate others on the importance of not using violence towards women. They see masculinity as the opposite of violent, and they use masculinity to protect women (Alcalde, 2011: 465). It is strong bond which protects the family (Alcalde, 2011: 465). Society has transformed with the ages and Mexican and Mexican American fathers have adapted to different, more caring roles in their family (Saracho and Spodek, 2008: 81). As a matter of fact, many fathers have become their kids’ developmental caretakers and dynamic educators (Saracho and Spodek, 2008: 81). Researchers have written papers portraying Mexican and Mexican American fathers as imperceptible, emotionless, distant and not nurturing (Saracho and Spodek, 2008: 81). Mexican and Mexican American, and redefine machismo as positive attributes which includes courage, kindness, and patience (Saracho and Spodek, 2008: 81). Today men are more willing to switch gender roles becoming good role models, and they help with household tasks and their children.
In the case study of Emiliano Diaz de Leon, positive masculinity turned his life around; furthermore, the role models he met at age 15 changed him from an abusive, disdainful young man into a positive role model (Aker, 2013) As a boy, he nothing but negative male role models and the change came from surrounding himself with positive role male models (Aker, 2013). He had to move out of his familiar neighborhood, and he had to leave everything he knew behind (Aker, 2013). He had to make long-term goals; furthermore, he stayed in his group for three years (Aker, 2013). Emiliano Diaz de Leon had the chance to hear first-hand the survival stories of victims of domestic violence (Aker, 2013). Diaz de Leon had never heard his mother talk about the domestic abuse she endured, so it helped him to hear other women talk about violence (Aker, 2013). It helped him to surround himself with male mentors, and he was lucky to learn and use positive masculinity (Aker, 2013). Emiliano Diaz de Leon is a success story that needs to be told to others.
Caetano, McGrath, and Ramisetty-Mikler (2004: 62) show acculturation is linked to a greater chance of perpetration of intimate partner violence. Acculturation could lead to strain, and it could escalate the probabilities of Intimate Partner Violence. There is a link which states that those low in acculturation have reported issues with anxiety problems (Caetano, Harris, Ramisetty-Mikler, and Vaeth, 2007: 1442) At any rate, Latinas who had the smallest amount of acculturation...

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