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Danger In Darkness: A Short Story

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It was a dark, damp November night in New York City. Or, at least, what remained of it. The winter chill blew through the ruins of the city, occasionally rattling through an alleyway or blowing the remnants of the autumn leaves across the abandoned streets. 'Abandoned and New York City just don't seem to go together at all,' Faye thought, glancing around the empty streets. 'This place has never looked like this.' The Big Apple had never been so quiet. The silence was almost terrifiying, but she was trying to tell herself she wasn't scared.
She knew there was plenty to be terrified of. New York hadn't just suddenly experienced a financial downfall and deteriorated on its own. That had been ...view middle of the document...

That didn't entirely seem fair to her, she didn't understand why she was alive. It was hard to try and tell herself that she'd just been lucky; even harder to try and believe that fact. Faye was almost completely sure that she would rather have died than had to survive alone. She didn't have much of an option now, though. She was alone, and she couldn't change that. It had been two years, with the world still being a dangerous place for those without a power, and she was still alone.
Faye was brought out of her musings by footsteps behind her. Her first thought was that maybe it was someone else she knew, a familiar face wouldn't be a bad thing to see right now. She realised fairly quickly how stupid a thought that was, how many other normal people would be walking around alone in the middle of the night? Her mind suddenly seemed to clear and she almost laughed at herself, shaking her head as she started to walk again. She'd quickened her pace a little, hoping that maybe she wasn't actually being followed and that it was just in her head. For a little longer, she didn't hear anything behind her and fell into a slower step once more, taking her time. It suddenly seemed a lot darker than before, the night seemed a lot colder. The wind had stopped blowing and an unsettling chill had fallen over the streets. There were no streetlights, no cars, nowhere for shelter. Faye knew she wasn't safe, knew that going home the long way was probably one of the stupidest ideas she'd ever made, but she knew she couldn't change her route now without it taking even longer.
"Bit late for something as pretty as you to be out alone, isn't it?" A voice echoed from the shadows behind her. She didn't answer, choosing instead to simply keep walking without looking back. She wasn't afraid, she was trying to reassure herself of that fact. It wasn't really working out for her. 'If I die, I die. I won't be the only one.' She thought, her steps never slowing. Faye couldn't completely resign herself to being unafraid, her heightened heart rate was giving that away almost completely - she knew that the vampire would be able to hear it. Well, she was assuming he was a vampire; what else hid around in the shadows and followed people around at night? The footsteps behind her started up again, letting her know that she was most definitely...

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