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Dangerous Chmicals In Slow Death By Rubber Duck

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The main theme of the book is that we expose ourselves to dangerous chemicals from using common household products for cleaning and hygienic products. However, the real danger of using these chemicals is that most of our society doesn’t know the potential health effects and outcomes one is facing. Environmental health addresses all the physical, chemical and biological factors external to a person, and all the related factors impacting behaviors. It encompasses the assessment and control of those environmental factors that can potentially can affect our health.(World Health Organization). The theme of the book is relevant to environmental health because the authors are assessing their exposure to these dangerous chemicals that are found in the products that we use to continue with our daily lives. They publish their results and find that phthalates, PFOA and PCBs are both dangerous to human health and the environment.

The environmental health problems described in this book are that phthalates, PFOA and PCBs are dangerous chemicals. We are exposed to these chemicals on a daily basis and they are common household products and hygienic products. We are also increasing our exposure levels, which can create negative health effects and affect our environment. The magnitude of the problem is enormous. Everybody uses and are exposed these products on a daily basis.
Phthalates are found in plastic materials. They can cause endocrine disruption, in other words it can affect our hormones. They can also cause damage in the environment. It can harm marine life since we don’t properly recycle throw away plastic materials. PFOA (perfluoroctanoic acid) is a carcinogen. Studies show that it can cause pancreatic cancer. It can affect hormone balance, the liver, development in children and the immune system. PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyl) can cause skin condition. All of these chemicals can be tested through blood or urine samples.(Smith and Lourie, 2009).
The main stakeholders are the both the consumer and the producer. The manufacturer uses these chemicals because they are relatively inexpensive, creating larger profit margins and competing for customers in the market. As manufacturers use these chemicals they are polluting and harming our environment. The consumer is affected by the manufacturer due to the limited knowledge and nature about these chemicals that can affect our health and our environment.

Evaluation of the Evidence
The authors’ main argument was exposing ourselves overtime to common household products like for cleaning and hygienic products can lead to change in both our blood and urine, thusly affecting our health. The authors conducted an experiment to show to changes in exposure levels lead to change in the samples of blood and urine.
The strengths of the experiment are that it demonstrates that it can be controlled on the individual level to a small extent. The chemical level can be controlled quickly...

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