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Dangerous Economy Essay

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Ever since drugs became illegal to be purchased in the early century the whole illegal drug trade started to rise and many individuals especially youth started to join this dangerous and illegal economy. Youths were ambitious and were attracted to this inner city business just to get money in a faster way. That is because drug selling and other illegal activities appeared to be the most effective way to get rich in a faster way. Also many of these youth would rather earn money in a dangerous way than working for someone racially superior. Many of these youngsters joined these underground jobs because of their low economic status they were trapped in. Another reason why these teenagers joined this dangerous economic is because of the autonomy they would get in this job. The fact that they can self govern themselves is essential to them because is something they weren’t able to find in an entry-level job (Bourgois, Pg. 9-10). They also gained respect from the surroundings they would usually socialize with. Practically most of the youths that had joined the underground jobs have had negative experiences in the minimum-wage labor market from their racist bosses or supervisors (Bourgois, Pg. 7). One of the things the underground economy offers that the inner city doesn’t is the fast short-term success. Many young people were looking for the capacity of growing to a higher social or economic position (Bourgois, Pg. 10). However, besides the higher ranking, the respect, and autonomy many of them would get in this business many youth would join this dangerous economy because they were victims of the historical economic transformations and the institutionalized discrimination of a perverse political and economic system (Bourgois, pg. 6).
Many of these youth were striving for these types of jobs (illegal activity) because they were unemployed or would have the personal anxiety over the inability to provide one’s family (Bourgois, Pg. 7). Just like in the 1950’s many Mexican population were native born in the U.S. Many of these “Chicanos” were low wage and low skilled individuals; many of them would do construction, transportation and day laboring. This population had a sense of insecurity because of the repatriation to Mexico during the depression. With these circumstances many illegal enterprises offered an attractive alternative for young men willing to risk for a higher wage position jobs (Schneider, pg. 76-77). Many of these young individuals would seek for their income in for what they thought to be high-powered careers on the streets (Bourgois, Pg. 6).
Even though many of these young drug street sellers were employed by the owner of...

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