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Dangerous Effects Of Bisphenol A Essay

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Imagine how much plastic exists in the everyday environment. Every year there is an av-erage of 50 billion water bottles consumed (Geracimos, 2007). Plastic also helps with wrapping different materials, preserving certain foods, and is virtually is every material that we use, but is plastics the new enemy to our lives? From drinking cups all the way to washable plastic bowls. Plastic may be causing harm to our bodies. However, more research is needed before plastic can be determined if it should be significantly reduced plastic use.
In September of 2008, baby bottles were found to host a dangerous amount of Bisphenol A and cause birth defects in humans and animals alike. The chemical is linked with both heart disease and diabetes that were both linked in cups, containers, and water bottles. The Food and Drug Administration has reported that BPA is safe in small concentrations, but could also still be a risk with a high amount of plastic products.

As a toxic hormone disruptor, Bisphenol A has been linked to various diseases such as cancer, hyperactivity, and diabetes. Further studies even support that it can cause affects in pu-berty and immune systems. The chemical is found in many products from baby bottles to plastic toys, compact discs, medical devices, and food or drink packaging. BPA has proved to be a dan-gerous chemical to infants causing birth defects. Items used for camping and drinking from water bottles every day can increase the amount of BPA in their system. Some scientist debate that Bisphenol A is actually safe in low concentrations, but other scientists say it should be complete-ly banned (Williams, 2008).
There have been plenty of recent studies of the affects of BPA. The enzymatic chemical is released in various ways. One way includes continuously washing and scrubbing bottles or containers which contain the chemical or even simple tasks such as dusting and cleaning. It's also found and released in a long list and variety of materials. From containers and bottles to canned food/soft drinks, this chemical is released and may cause damage to the reproductive system and hormones.
As stated above, BPA is also found in 10% of all canned foods while 30% of infant canned foods contain unsafe dosages of BPA from a single serving (Environmental Working Group, 2007). There are no regulations from the government limiting the amount of BPA in canned foods. Chicken soup, infant formula, ravioli, pasta, soda, beans, fruits, and milk products contain BPA in potentially dangerous levels when exposed to humans or animals. Overall, 57% of all canned foods contain BPA after recent tests in 2002 (Environmental Working Group, 2007). The FDA has also found Bisphenol A comes from not only the liner, but the actual food itself. This is why scientists recommend that during pregnancy and infants should limit being exposed to canned foods containing harmful measures of BPA. It is impossible to completely eliminate exposure to BPA, but very...

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