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Dangerous Liaisons Essay

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A comparison of the movie featuring Glenn Close and the actual novel.The beautifully directed movie Dangerous Liaisons and the novel Les Liaisons Dangereuse had many similarities and many differences. In this essay I will be discussing the differences and similarities of the two pieces of art. I will also state why I think the director Stephen Frears did not include some of the aspects of the long and detailed novel. Performance can often change the original textual interpretation of the novel.Dangerous Liaisons takes place in the 18th century Rococo France. The story mostly focuses on two bored rich astrocrats Marquise Isabelle de Mertuil who is played by a wonderful Glenn Close, and Vicomte Sebastien de Valmont who is played by John Malkovich. Together, they decide to pass the time by playing a game of seduction, lust, and revenge with people they interact with. Isabelle de Merteuil used to date a guy named Le Chevalier Raphael Danceny who is played by Keanu Reeves who falls in love with her niece Cecile de Volanges who is played by a young Uma Thurman. Angry, that she lost yet another lover to her beautiful niece she decides to get her past lover and friend Sebastien de Valmont to seduce Cecile and make her fall out of love with Le Chevalier. While this love triangle is going on, Isabelle dares Sebastien to seduce Madame Marie de Tourvel who is married. If he succeeds, he may finally have Isabelle's love.One of the first differences between the movie and the novel, how the story is told. The entire novel is full of letters while the movie has action and is told in the present with the help of letters. The movie begins with Isabelle getting dressed in this beautiful gown. Her attendants does her makeup, and places her jewelry on. Sebastien also gets dressed in fine silk garments, and a expensive wig. In the book however Cecile Volanges writes a letter to Sophie Carnay who I don't remember having a part in the movie. Cecile has left the convent, and is preparing to be married off. In the movie, Cecile was never in a convent, but was getting ready to get married to a man who was thirty six. The guy Comte de Gercourt used to be Isabelle's lover, once Isabelle discovers this, this is when she decides she wants revenge.In the novel Cecile is being shown to society, where she is bored. In the movie this never happens, she is shown at parties but never in the way in references to letter three. Another similarity is when Sebastien accepted Isabelle's suggestion, but also suggested the seduction of Maria. Another similarity is the way Maria's clothes. In the movie Maria who is played by Michelle Pheiffer wears very conservative clothes, while the other womyn show a lot of cleavage. In the book Cecile's husband to be is called off to war, which never happens in the movie.In the novel, Isabelle and Sebastien get into argument over Maria. In the movie this never happens, however she does get annoyed over his feelings for Maria. In the novel, Maria and...

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