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You never know where new discoveries can take you. Finding something that was unknown can always change an outlook or a perception of an idea, an object, or maybe even a person. Would you believe that Vlad Tapes/ Vlad the Impaler or even Dracula really existed with the right facts to back it up? If you even had the suspicion and some evidence, would you spend years trying to figure out if it was true? Finding information cloaked in history can become an obsession. Obsessions can become a dangerous thing that some people just don’t know when to let go and leave well enough alone. An obsession is a thought or idea that consumes a person’s brain and causes them to focus on that one thing. Infatuations can be dangerous and sometimes people even get killed due to one. They can be a variety of things. The book used to sculpt this essay showed a fixation for chasing down a murderous fiend called Dracula.
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The search for knowledge is never ending and there is always a constant thirst for it. Nothing is ever what it seems and I’m sure that’s what drives us to keep finding out all that we can. When our brain latches onto an idea, sometimes that idea is the only thing that our minds can think about or process. This happens to people and there’s always a probability of getting stuck in it but if you realize the danger then you can work to bring yourself back.
People fixate on different things. You could obsess over what to wear, how to talk, what clique of people you want to be involved in, or even darker things. People with depression craze over how poorly their day, week, month, or even year has gone. They eventually drown themselves in sorrow but if they realize it in time then they can fix it. Fixing yourself from something that consumed your thoughts is not an easy task and it could take years to accomplish. That doesn’t mean that it is impossible. For example, Professor Rossi finally got over his obsession of finding Dracula’s Unholy Tomb and eventually moved to America. Elizabeth Kostova shows us this process of his transformation and proves that humans can beat their overwhelming consumption of ideas and thoughts but with this, you can have relapses.
Relapses are something that a person goes back to after they have crawled out of whatever form of hole they were in. Unfortunately we are given the crafted example of where Professor Rossi goes back to England and eventually he goes missing after he tries to figure out more and explains to one of his old students what a mysterious old book is about. Reverting into something that was a style of life for so long is a possibility for a person. Humanity is something that obsesses and controls but also loses and reverts back into its old ways.
Things can consume your brain and even get you hurt. Obsessions are dangerous and if you’re not careful… then I’m sure you can figure out what can happen. The Historian has showed us the errors of a human brain but also the strengths. We also can deduct that where there is strength there is weakness but where there is an obsession there are also relapses, and consequences.

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