Dangerous Social Forces Essay

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Social forces always come along with behaviors, whether they’re good or bad. They create who people are and can even help identify who we are. Those forces can even help with identifying others too. But they can become dangerous and they shape who a person will grow up to be. If they're influenced to do amazing things or horrible things, help others in need or ignore them. Social forces are beyond our control. Nothing can change them. Social forces influence identities and become dangerous. Gender, race, time and place are just three social forces. All can have negative effects associated with them, the stereotyping of gender, saying that a girl has to dress nice, or cook in the kitchen, race and being discriminated against for not being a certain color, or even how being in a certain place can affect a persons identity, on the way they should act. Using references from To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee and other various other resources.
First off is gender. From the moment someone is born, they are marked male or female on their birth certificate. And from there on, that person has expected actions. Gender creates identity or an imagine that people perceive. “... Jem told me I was being a girl, that girls always imagined things, thats why other people hated them…” (Lee 41). In To Kill a Mockingbird, Scout, a Tomboy girl, gets criticized for acting like a girl. But what exactly is a girl? Why do people stereotype genders to create an identity. That girls, “Imagine things,” and thats why they are hated. This is when social forces become dangerous. It becomes dangerous when a persons gender forms how they have to act. It can impact who a person is, and change them. Or try to change them, “Hooters… “female sex appeal” is important, and it hires “women who best fit the image of a Hooters girl.” (Lawyers.com 1) When Rachel Crowe was asked to loose weight, twice, there’s something wrong with that. The image of a female is supposed to be skinny, blonde, big bust, and since Rachel didn't meet that identity, she was fired. Social forces have a huge impact, and get worse when there is a idea of what a girl is. Gender is a powerful social force because everyone enters the world with a specific way on how society expects them to act. Which is very dangerous. In Human Geo, an example came up of a gender role that got way out of hand. With the one child policy in China, parents hope they get a boy. Parents favor boys over girls because girls have the stereotype of leaving the family for her own family, while the boy would support his family. Since families can only have one child, and want to be supported by their only child, parents often kill or abandon their baby girls. Its sad to think that a child's parents would just throw away their baby based off of their gender. Getting rid of a human life because of that person's gender makes no sense. But going back to the idea that the minute someone is born their identity is formed becomes true. Its a baby,...

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