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Dangers And Benefits Of Genetic Engineering In Humans

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Some knowledge can be dangerous. The recent surge in technological advancements makes this evident, as new methods of improving human life through science loom on the horizon. Even today, some methods of altering an organism’s genetic makeup exist, becoming more and more advanced with each day. Such knowledge holds power, and if people use it in the wrong ways it can mean dire consequences. But while powerful, not all knowledge means danger. There can be much benefit to gain from new techniques, such as the ability to alter the human genome. But even then, many question the morals of genetic experimentation, and some want to rid the world of it completely. Should questionable ethics be ...view middle of the document...

The glowing effect of the cats is caused by a green fluorescent protein (GFP) from a jellyfish, used as a visual confirmation that the transgenics was a success. The main purpose of this experiment is to gain a better understanding of FIV, a close relative to HIV. "The application of the new technology suggested in this paper is to develop the use of genetically-modified cats for the study of FIV, providing valuable information for the study of Aids.” (Jha, 2011). Through these experiments, doctors can scientists can learn more about AIDS, possibly taking steps toward a cure.
One of the most important and controversial experiments in genetic engineering is the ability to alter a human’s genetic makeup in order to cure diseases, even before birth. A major technique in this form of genetic engineering is CRISPR, or, “clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats”. The CRISPR system also heavily involves the Cas9 protein. “...the endogenous CRISPR/Cas system targets foreign DNA with a short, complementary single-stranded RNA that localizes the Cas9 nuclease to the target DNA sequence...” This new method proves just how baffling modern science can be, now that there exists the possibility of our species being able to alter ourselves and our evolution. “The crRNA can bind on either strand of DNA and the Cas9 will cleave both strands . The DSB results in the silencing of that DNA sequence” (“Addgene: Addgene’s CRISPR Guide”). This groundbreaking method could potentially be the key to eliminating genetically inherited diseases; Hemophilia, cancer, Down’s syndrome, and more. Imagine having a child who is the first in his family line to not inherit a life-threatening condition. Now imagine removing all diseases such as these. Surely genetic engineering holds a new future for the human race.
However, human genetic engineering has caused much controversy. As it was mentioned before, ethics plays a large role in this problem. People wonder whether or not genetic engineering is “right”. If scientists can remove a gene from an embryo, what stands in the way of them, say, adding a gene? The possibility of parents altering their child’s height, intelligence, or strength seems too real. One main concern people have is that altering a person’s genes robs them of the ability to shape their own destiny. Chris Seck says, in his article on the ethics of genetic engineering, “genetic enhancement is immoral because it artificially molds people’s lives, often pointing their destinies in directions that they themselves would not freely choose. Therefore, it represents a fundamental violation of their rights as human beings” (Seck, 2014). While it may be true that genetic engineering can alter a child’s destiny, that does not necessarily have to be a negative thing. Theoretically, genetic engineering could be used to give these children, or “designer babies”, a greater chance of succeeding in life. If an embryo from two parents in a predominantly...

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