Risks Involved In The Game Of Netball

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Risks Involved in the Game of Netball

All sporting activities carry some risk. We can reduce the risk and
help to prevent injury by preparing for sport properly, and take part
with the right attitude.

Netball is a fast, exiting team sport. It is played in many countries
throughout the world. It is an easy game to pay, but at a higher level
becomes very tactical game that needs great skill.

Warm up/Cool down

Warming up before playing Netball is vitally important, you need to
prepare your body for exercise. You need to stretch thoroughly from
your neck down to ankles, as all the muscles off the body may be used
throughout the period of the game or training session. Stretching also
decreases the risk of muscle stiffness, before stretching a 3-5 minute
jog must take place to increase the body temperature for stretching.

To cool down you need to jog/walk for a few minutes to decrease the
body temperature and remove waste products from the working muscles. A
cool down is also essential to remove lactic acid to stop it pooling
which would cause cramp.


· You need to be reasonably fit to play sport, being fit can reduce
the possibility of injury, if you are unfit you are automatically
increasing the risk of injury. If injured you will physically be not
able to play your sport, meaning your fitness will atrophy and
deteriorate. In netball the centre players; Centre, Wing attack, Wing
defence, Goal attack and Goal defence should be physically fit as a
lot of running is needed the Goal shooter and Goal keeper need to be
physically fit also. You must also be sure that our body has been
trained to cope with the demands of sport. Short bursts of sprinting
during warm up are good practice for a match(fartlek training)

Techniques and Skill

· We need the techniques and skills of our sport to perform well. We
need to practice to perform difficult skills with out any trouble.
When we have good skills, it shows in a positive way in our
performance. In Netball good footwork is essential, and quick
reaction, as the maximum time you are allowed possession of the...

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