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Dangers Of Artificial Sweeteners Essay

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Each year Americans spend millions on diet products. Fighting the ?battle of the bulge? has become part of people?s every day lives. The old saying: ? What you don?t know can?t hurt you.? doesn?t apply to food additives that are placed in diet foods. In the case of foreign substances being added to foods people need to be informed. It is required by law that all ingredients be listed on the label of all food products but many Americans do not know the harm that those unpronounceable added chemicals can cause to their health.In order to appeal to dieters advertisers and marketing spent $1.1 billion dollars in 2000 to promote low calorie sweeteners (D?Amico E.L. ). The marketers targeted the age groups that are most susceptible to use artificial sweeteners to replace sugar in order to cut calories. The age groups the advertising was most directed toward was thirty-five to forty-four year olds and fifty to fifty-four year olds. Two-fifths of each of these age groups stated that they have used artificial sweeteners to reduce their sugar intake. Women seem to be hit hardest by this marketing because of the urge to be thin. Mothers have also inadvertently given these sugar replacers to their children thinking that it is better for their teeth and will keep them calmer (?Artificial sweeteners point? E.L.).Although aspartame and other artificial sweetener caused diseases aren?t reported doesn?t mean that they don?t happen. Many of times people may not report them because they are not aware that that is why they have developed the disease. People are not informed of the symptoms of aspartame related diseases (Gold ?Aspartame Sugar Sub.? E.L.).While artificial sweeteners have FDA approval they are harmful and can even be fatal.In 1965 a chemist named James Schlatter discovered aspartame accidentally. After his discovery the company Schlatter worked for , G.D. Searle , conducted safety tests and fought for permission to market their new discovery in 1973. In July of 1974 the FDA granted them their approval (Metcalfe E.L.) Aspartame is synthetically produced by combining aspartic acid, phenylalanine, and methanol (?Artificial Sweetener? E.L.). Aspartame loses its flavor at high temperatures unlike sucralose, another sweetener, that can withstand baking and cooking temperatures. One of the newest artificial sweeteners, Stevia, that is used and found in Brazil and also used in South Korea acts as a laxative and has a licorice flavor (?Spoonful of Moderation? E.L.).Artificial sweeteners are added to millions of products. They are mainly added to diet products to reduce calories but they include foods such as: soda, fruit drinks, ice pops, pudding, instant coffee and tea, chewing gum, mints, non-dairy creamers, cough drops, lip gloss and lip stick, relish, ketchup, toothpaste, and mouth wash. The sweetness of these sugar replacers are several hundred times sweeter then the natural source. Aspartame is about two-hundred times as sweet as sugar along with...

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