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Dangers Of Electrical Shock And Safety Measures For Prevention

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Electrical Shocks, Safety Measures, and Maintenance of Line-Powered Devices

Name: Sharia Sohail
Enrollment no: 5-3/2012/046
Subject: physical agents & electrotherapy-I

A. Electrical Shock
B. Line-Versus Battery-Powered Devices
C. Dangers Of Line Powered Devices
D. Physiological Damage
E. Purpose Of Chapter
A. Ground-Fault Pathway
B. Device Electrical Insulation
C. Body As Pathway
A. Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter Receptacle
B. Operating Mechanism
C. Testing GFCI Receptacle
A. Overall Measures
B. Preventive Measures
C. Operational Safety Measures
D. Maintenance Measures
A. Recommendations
B. Scenario And Procedures
C. Lesson To Be Learned

A. Electrical Shock
Electricity is a source of energy that can be dangerous for humans, if not used with caution. Electricity is also used in health care field (i.e. electrotherapy) for the purpose of treatment. The clinicians who are using line-powered electro physical agents are unaware of the dangers associated with electrical devices. The risk of electric shocks will increase.
B. Line-Versus Battery-Powered Devices
a line-powered device is that which is powered by building conventional current voltage for example in north America it is characterized by 60 hertz alternating current at 110-125v. A battery-powered device is that which is powered by battery source, characterized by 0 hertz at low voltage, such as 9v.
C. Dangers Of Line-Powered Devices
The flow of AC current in a body (i.e. 60 hertz) is referred as leakage current. It can cause severe to deadly physiological changes. It can be depend on amplitude, duration and path of flow of current. Electrical shocks are caused by these leakage currents in the body.
1. Leakage current
It is defined as loss of current from a line-powered device, usually resulting from breakage of wires. Or in other words leakage current is an unwanted current that leaks from a defective power cord because of some wear and tear or misuse.
2. Danger
Usage of line-powered device could be dangerous. As leakage of AC current (i.e. 60 hertz) in the body if it is of sufficient amplitude and duration it can cause motor nerves depolarization thus induce involuntary tetanic like muscle contraction. As in most of the humans muscle contraction frequencies are 40 and 60 hertz.
3. Battery-powered devices
Leaking of current from a battery-powered device is not dangerous. They are safe because there is continuous 0 hertz DC current regardless of its amplitude and duration. This low voltage current...

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