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Dangers Of Microchips Essay

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Microchips exist everywhere in our society, and are used by everyone at anytime. Today’s technology is so advance that even a tiny microchip can trace someone’s track. When you are using your cellphone with the GPS system, have you realize that you are being monitored for 24/7 by someone you have never met before in your whole life? Nowadays, Radio-Frequency Identification, also known as RFID tags, are commonly used by corporations as a tool on product tracking. They claim that the purpose of the RFID tags are to improve supply-chain efficiency, cut theft, and to guarantee that brand-name products are authentic, not counterfeit (Lewan). Privacy of the consumers, however, has been invaded due to the usage of these tags. Not only the companies have your private information in their database, any other third parties would be able to access that information without your authorization. Moreover, the radio frequency that releases from the tags will reveal your location, that means, every movement that you make is being watched. With the existence of RFID tags in our society, every part of your life would be able to discover by someone else. When these tags are no longer in use, consumers will not be afraid of the disclosure of their private information while purchasing their favorite products.
Companies today, such as Walmart and Target, consider RFID tags are very functional to them. In fact, these tags do help to improve productivity, security, and decrease human labor hours. However, this technology will endanger the privacy of the consumers. A 2005 patent application by American Express depicts that the “consumer tracker” can record consumers’ every movement from the “identification signals” that emit from the RFID-embedded objects. With the information the companies gather, they will send all kinds of “incentive” advertisements to the customers. They state that this technology is only use for keeping track of consumer taste and keep up with the trend (Lewan). “The industry has long promised it would never use this technology to track people. But these patent records clearly suggest otherwise” (McIntyre). These information is gathered by tracking consumers’ buying habits and movements. The companies are spying on every customer they have covertly without official authorization. Every place someone goes and everything someone buys will be watched under the companies’ eyes. In the recent year, the Consumers Against Supermarket Privacy Invasion (CASPIAN), are fighting against the companies using RFID to track consumer behavior. Study shows that up to 78 percent of America was against RFID based on solely privacy issue (Brain F.). Hidden tags and covert...

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