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Even though advertising was meant to simply convey information about specific products, this goal seems to have been encroached over the years. Most advertisements today focus on what appeals to children the most. Even though some of the products marketed to children tend to have negative effects on them, they are continuously advertised. One of the most advertised products that has impacted negatively on children is junk foods. Junk foods usually contain alot of fats and sugars, which, when continuously consumed affects the normal functioning of the body negatively. in advertisements, junk foods are made to appear more attractive than in reality, so as to appeal more to children. Kids are therefore coerced into buying the harmful foods, which puts their health at risk. One of the problems associated with consuming junk foods is obesity. Advertising junk foods has led to increased obesity related problems in ...view middle of the document...

For example, when the heart is affected by too much fat clogging around it, it starts to pump blood slower, resulting in a slower blood circulation in the body or none at all. This might lead to heart attacks or even death. Therefore, a person who is overweight is more likely to suffer from diabetes than a person who is not.
Another obesity repercussion is depression in children. After researching about children’s involvement in consumer culture, Juliet Schor, a proffesor of sociaology says, “the more media a child uses both television and other forms of media, the more likely they are to score high ;/’[on a depressionscale and anxiety scale.” Depression and obesity are related in that, the more a child uses mdedia, the more likely they are to obese, that later causes depression in the child. Obesity might make a child dislike himself or herself. This is because they feel that they do not look good anymore since they have gained extra weight. Staying away from people makes them lonely and gives them a feeling of guilt and worthlessness. Such feelings may result to depression. Too much depression might lead to the kid having suicide thoughts or even killing themselves. Depressed children require attention, and at some point, medical help to get back their confidence and to keep them from having suicidal thoughts.
People should take into consideration the effects of advertised foods before buying them, as continuous consumption of some of them, could shorten their lives. Even though children might insist on being bought junk foods, parents should think carefully about the effects, before buying. Parents who allow their children to consume advertised foods, might cause the child to be obese, without knowing. Obesity can cause devastating illnesses such as diabeties and depression in kids. Parents should therefore be more concerned about the health of their children. One way of showing concern, is by letting their children grow up eating healthy foods. Parents should also educate their children on the importance of eating healthy foods. They should also not allow their kids to be exposed to too much media, because marketers now target children more than ever before.

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