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Dangers Of Playing God: Judging Others

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What I Knew Before I Started:
Fat. Ugly. WeIrd. Different. TALL. short. Freak. Some of the few words that go through peoples’ minds when they are judging others. What do I know about judging? Judging is something we all do, even if we don’t like to admit it. I wish that I didn’t judge others, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t. The image that people portray to the public is what most people are going to judge them for. People judge based on looks, lifestyle, your house value, car worth, job description, the way you act.
Do people actually have all the facts to judge others? If you judge someone, then you have given others the right to judge you, am I not correct? There is a difference between bullying and judging. The term “bullying” gets thrown around a great deal these days, and sometimes people use it as an excuse to the real issue they have. From the Bible, in Matthew 7:1, it says, “Do not judge.” However, in Matthew 7:2, it says, “ For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged.” So what does this mean? Does it in fact say to never judge others? This is only what I know so far, shall we dig deeper?
What I Want To Find Out:
What is the meaning of judging? Does it really say to never judge anyone? What do people get out of judging others? What are the consequences of the way you portray yourself to others? When are we entitled to judge others? What is the difference between good and bad judging?
Where does the line between the two? In John 7:24 it says, “Do not judge by appearances, but with right judgment.” In order to judge others, shall you take a look at yourself? If you don’t judge others, will they ever make self-improvements?
The Story of My Search:
Roadblocks. Barricades. Barriers. Bars. Obstructions. Blockades. Sentry Post. Fences. Obstacles. Anyway you say it, I went through it during the search for my story. It’s most likely should be called a young J.K Rawlings prodigy has to write a 5-page essay on the topic that most intrigues her, but cannot find any sources to put to the document. When you are given free-range on any topic to choose from, you kind of go bananas, or is that just me? However, I didn’t think finding information on this particular topic would have been that hard for me, but oh was there a plot twist.
The topic: Judging others. This topic does have an immediate relevance to not just my life but also almost everybody’s life’s. We all judge people like said at the beginning of the paper, but do we really know all the facts. I had a genuine yearning to know more, and find different viewpoints on the subject. So first stop on the I-Search road trip? The resource sites that Mrs. Guffey gave us at the start of the school year. To come to find out, you know the only people that seem to care about judging others? Christians. Do not assume this in a bad way, for myself am a Christian. It is just that I couldn’t base my whole paper on just the thoughts of Christian blogging websites because; it would be...

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