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Dangers Of Sexism Essay

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The term sexism seems like a simple word, but it causes controversy and chaos amongst a gender based society. Sexism all over the world puts a lid on what it means to have equality, freedom, and humanity, which tampers with self-esteem. Tony Porter, a motivational speaker perfectly depicts how effective sexism is and how it harbors domestic violence as well as how the “man box” plays a huge role in sexism. Also, Sheryl Wudunn another motivational speaker as well ties in how sexism interferes with the female population.
In the light of sexism stereotypically, women are often perceived as emotional and lack of strength, as for men they are seen as strong, emotionless, and more superior in than woman. Porter points out in his A Call to Men lecture that women are much different than men. According to the “Man Box”, which is a term used for characteristics that makes a man a man, the man box shows that men are stronger than women mentally, physically, and emotionally, which makes women inferior. The man box is sort of a code that gives men the satisfaction of objectivity and keeps them away from the “softer side”. This often leads to dangers of sexism, because it opens up a gateway for rape, abuse and inequality towards women. Statistics (RAINN) shows that 17.7% of women are victims of rape, also domestic abuse are mostly reported by women. It can happen to men, but you don’t hear many reports about it, and the statistics are not as equal as women.
The problem with sexism is that at a young age, boys are molded into acting like men; the minute they’re born they can’t show no emotions or express themselves in any kind of way. It’s always tough love. Porter gives a prime example using his kids, he has a son and daughter in which he displays that when there’s a conflict with his son, they talk man-to-man, but with his daughter it’s always okay for her to let out her emotions. Even around peers, boys are pressured into doing things that would make them automatically a man. Even when it...

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