Dangers Of Texting And Driving Essay

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In today's technology driven world, we are constantly distracted with electronic devices such as a laptop or television or even our phones. These technological devices, while a helpful aid in our daily lives, serve as a dangerous distraction for us and those who surround us. In his piece, “Attention Deficit: The Brain Syndrome of Our Era”, Richard Restak describes the dangers of how these devices are causing for an increase in distractions in our every day lives. He also concluded that technology has caused for our attention and focus to be split beyond what is necessary in order for people to be totally safe. One instance when it is especially necessary for our undivided focus and attention to be available is when we are driving on the road. A great number of states, recently including the state of Florida, have recently implemented laws and regulations that make for it to be illegal to text on a cell phone while operating a motor vehicle because of the dangers that these distractions pose to everyone on the road. Supported by the quantitative and qualitative results found in studies and research conducted by numerous organizations and groups; there is evidence that the usage of a cell phone or any other electronic device that acts as a distraction to the driver causes for a greater danger to both the driver as well as their passengers. The usage of cellular phones directly leads to the distraction of a driver which is the main cause for countless numbers of fatal accidents on the roads and streets of America.
For better or for worse we are now stuck with ample amounts of technology and are almost now forced to use these technologies constantly out of necessity. Technology allows for humanity to multitask and constantly juggle different tasks and events, however it is this reliance on technology that is causing issues on our society. When driving a car, it is necessary to place your undivided attention into the road for your safety, your passengers safety, as well as the safety of everyone around you. In part to today's technological brain, we have become more connected with everyone around us which requires us to be in more places than one. Richard Restak describes this best in saying, “Thanks to technology, each of us exists simultaneously in not just one here but in several” (Restak 418). This carries over while we are driving when we sometimes have to make phone calls or send text messages while driving a car, splitting our attention between who is merging into traffic on the highway and what is needed to be bought at the store on a drive home. Business conferences, making plans with friends, and carrying on conversations are all parts of every day lives of most Americans. The need for preforming these tasks cause for the dependance that society has on their cell phones and other electronics for communication purposes. These brief moments of looking at our cell phones cause for our exposure to being involved in a severe automobile accident...

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