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Dangers Of The Two Party System

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The United States is in a tough position as far as politics go, there is a massive hindrance in the form of political parties. For many years now there has been a two party system, this has never been a good idea nor has it really worked. The ideas of the people haven’t been completely represented, there has been issues with getting necessary bills passed, and there is the issue of people not really knowing what a candidate stands for just what the party stands for. All of these issues, need to be changed and the only way to do so is to start and abolish the party system.
The two party system has encouraged the idea that voting for anyone who is not ‘blue’ or ‘red’ is a wasted vote. This ...view middle of the document...

It also goes to show the lack of representation of the american peoples wants, and wishes. This can be seen again if we take a look at the numbers in Congress. In the House of Representatives there isn’t a single independent party member and in the Senate there are only two.(Clerk) To see that the American people want more third parties running the government and that they aren’t getting them is a shame and a disgrace to the democratic ideologies this country was founded on.
Due to the two major parties in the states, we see that in Congress not many bills get passed, there are tons of filibusters and tons of late nights. The most recent issue the budget. Over the last four years there has been a government shutdown and many other occasions when we have had a close call. The reason behind this is because people are expected to vote with whatever their party alignment is. For instance, the republicans didn’t want to pass a budget that had tons of funds going towards things like, welfare or other entitlement programs. While the democrats wanted to increase the funding for entitlement programs and remove some of the funding for defense spending.These major points among other various things, like obamacare and defense spending have caused a rift that is just harming the American people. We also have not had a balanced budget since the Clinton era.(CNN) This can be attributed to the fact that since then Congress hasn’t had both the House and the Senate and the President all party aligned. And there is social...

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