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Dangers Of Unlimited Access To The Internet

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Katie Freeman-Hogan
Mrs. Drummond
English 10
21 May 2014

Dangers of Unlimited Access
“Social media websites can enrich children’s lives, but they can also be hazardous to their mental and physical health” (Hellmich). (Social media sites) “can enhance kids’ creativity and help them develop technical skills. They can also can lead to cyberbullying, depression, and exposure to inappropriate content” (Hellmich). Even if the internet can help the children of our society, parents, teachers, and principals need to look at all of the risks and decide whether kids should have unlimited access to everything that is on the internet. Social media sites can be very risky. Parents and other adults need to create rules and regulations to govern and monitor the usage of the internet. With these restrictions, cyberbullying, depression, and the misuse of these sites can be prevented.
Teens that use the internet without supervision or rules are more likely to experience cyberbullying. Along with cyberbullying, teens can also go through depression from believing in everything they read on the internet. This also includes when teens see too much on the internet and believe that what they see is always reality. Allowing teens to use the internet for social media without any restrictions can cause them to misuse the sites and inflict emotional harm to themselves or others through cyberbullying.
Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and other social sites focused on photos, allow many teens to judge and bully other teens without their parents knowing. “Parents need to know that unrestricted media use can have serious consequences. It’s been linked with violence, cyberbullying, -- and a host of other problems” (Ocala Star-Banner). Facebook is a popular social media site to go to catch up with friends but it is known to host people who cyberbully other teens. This can lead down a dangerous path if the parents are unaware of what is going on. As Maureen Greulich said to the Boston Globe, “’Facebook, as we know, has many traps of slipping into cyberbullying’” (Hennick). With parental supervision and restrictions for Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and other social media sites, cyberbullying can become minimal and if not, stopped completely.
Many teens want to have friends and base their life off of the online world; and when they can’t get that, they have to focus their lives in the outside world, which may lead them into depression. “Some children who are at risk for social isolation, anxiety or depression seek connection online. If they don’t find it, they may become depressed. O’Keeffe says: ‘Their lack of connection in the online world amplifies what’s happening in their offline world’” (Hellmich). When someone is cyberbullied, they can be humiliated or be accused of things that are not true. This can cause several social and mental problems such as obesity or lack of self-confidence. “Cyberbullying. This is defined as spreading false, embarrassing or hostile information...

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