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It was a typical day in Vegas, Daniela was settling in just as she’d expected. After all, she was a master adapter, just one skill she had tucked away in her arsenal. It had been only a few weeks since the extended portion of the Rinaldi clan had arrived back into Vegas. They’d stepped off the plane dressed in black and just in time for the funeral of whatever dearly departed cousin that had just bit the dust, Not that Dani cared, after all he was dead now, it made no sense to learn an extra name, or make more effort to care internally about the dead. In the outside however, she’d even shed small tears, weeping along with the rest of her family in front of a casket just was it was plunged six feet under. Then she’d made moves to her aunt and cousins, giving her condolences to them as they’d lost both a son and brother, her voice tinkled like bells as she moved to take her place next to her mother as her small hand wrapped around her father’s large one. Even Dani had to admit that it was quite picturesque, albeit a tad solemn. with her parents framing her like gold, her role of the sweetheart was put together more perfectly than Galatea and it was only just the beginning, in her triumph as her family either bought the act or foolishly dismissed it with indifference, Daniela had already begun phase two of her own little operation.
As her family began to settle into the mansion, Daniela had begun to observe. Continuing her act of naivety and wholesome behavior as she began to inspect her new “family.” It was enough to label each and everyone of them. Dominic and Katrina where ghost the moment the funeral ended and therefore deemed irrelevant to the girl, The two eldest, Stefan and Aless where written off along with them as well. That left Nicolas, his wide eyed wife, Naomi and more importantly her cousin Natalia. Natalia was what Daniela truly had her heart set on. For years, her father and Luci would tell her stories of her cousin, and for years she read them back to herself like bedtime stories, remembering every point, every act, twisting her cousin’s manipulative cleverness into her own and using it to rule with a tiny iron fist back home in Chicago. But her Nat’s glory had only gotten Dani so far. The girl had com into her own, skill evolving, growing, allowing her to have everything she wanted, when she wanted it with very little effort on her part. Daniela’s deceptive ways had earned her glory of her own without consequence and the redhead relished in it. So, imagine her surprise when she first laid eyes on her idol. Though it was unreadable in her porcelain features, it was disappointment. hidden behind Dani’s facade. This was the infamous Natalia Rinaldi that she’d heard so much about? Dani had to be rational about her thoughts, she’d been informed about the trauma the girl's faced, and though it was unreadable in the looks of soft distain she’d thrown, Daniela could see it in her eyes. It was a weakness, and it it was Dani’s cue to strike...

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