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Daniel BooneDaniel Boone made many great contributions to the Western expansion cause, by blazing a Wilderness Road through the Cumberland Gap, Warning the Boonesborough settlers of an imminent Indian attack, and by making the first permanent settlement in Kentucky. He moved from a hunter and trapper to a leader of the nation in a quest to explore the nations vast backcountry. Boone had very little formal schooling but went long enough to learn to read and write (Boone). He got his experience to meet natives through his grandfather. His grandfather often befriended Native Americans, Which gave him a chance to meet the people of many tribes (Faragher 30). He was a very stubborn young man who never had and opportunity for his fathers embrace (Faragher 30). This would haunt him later in his life (Faragher 30). He then married his wife Rebecca who was to be his wife for the next fifty-six years (Moize 819). By the late 1860s Boone most likely knew the Blue Ridge and Alleghenies as well as any other, but still dreamed of Kentucky (Moize 822). After his fathers death in 1765 Boone decided to follow his father's independent streak (Faragher 30). John Finley a man whom Boone had met years before showed up at his doorstep. He explained that they had reached Kentucky through the Ohio River and insisted that there was a land trail or the Warriors' Path that went through the mountains (Moize 822). There were many problems with Indians that Boone and his men face while they were on the trail. The party had good hunting while in Bluegrass Country, for six months (Moize 24). A Shawnee party discovered Boone and his party with over twenty-three hundred deerskins and confiscated them all (Faragher 37). They also took the horses and supplies, but left the group unharmed. Although in the great wilderness Boone's brother, Squire found the group and brought them fresh horses and ammunition (Moize 824). A task that he would repeat two more times during Boone hunting and exploration trip (Moize 824). His first attempt to settle in this country failed. Near Powell County, Boone sent his eldest son James and some companions back for supplies (Moize 824). The Indians crossed their path and attacked. James and his friend Henry Russel were tortured to death (Moize 824). The would be settlers convinced Boone to finally tun back (Moize 824). In March of 1775 Boone and twenty-eight companions were employed by Richard Henderson's Translyvania Company to blaze a trail through the Cumberland Gap (Boone). The company planned to establish Kentucky as the fourteenth colony (Boone). The starting point of the Wilderness Road lies in the middle of todays Kingsport, Tennessee (Moize 824). Within less than a month, the party with Boone as their leader cut through to present day Richmond, Kentucky (Moize 827). Boone's exhausted party set up camp, when they were attacked by a group of Indians, killing a captain who was shot in both of his knees (Moize 827). The...

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