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“Since it’s your birthday today, you need to wake up Danny!” said Mrs. Dalton.
“Coming, Mom,”replied Danny.
Speeding to get in the bathroom and shower, thoughts raced through Danny’s mind about all the fun he was going to have on his birthday.
“Today is going to be amazing. I love April 12th! For my birthday I want to watch Make Way for Ducklings, or maybe Despicable Me... whatever, today is going to be a great day!” thought Danny.
When Danny finished showering, he brushed his teeth; then he sprinted back to his room to put on his clothes.
“Hmmm... what am I going to wear today? Ah! I know, I’ll wear my favorite blue shirt!”
After he put on his favorite blue shirt, Danny went ...view middle of the document...

Rose’s, their neighbor’s, backyard.
“Ok where it is? Oh, found it!” Danny and Maddie sprinted to a stump near a fence, jumped on the stump, climbed over the fence, and raced to where the bus was going to stop next.
“There it is, there’s the bus stop!” Maddie exclaimed with joy.
“I told you I had a plan” said Danny.
Once they arrived on the bus Danny’s best friend, Logan, yelled all the way from the back of the bus “Hey sweetheart come over here and play!” Danny sat next to Logan on the bus and just as they were about to reach Sausage Street School, Logan pulled out a present from his backpack
“Happy Birthday Sweetie” said Logan. Danny opened it and saw a rainbow loom.
“Thanks dude” said Danny. Danny loved the rainbow loom. He couldn’t wait to play with it! But he knew that he first had to go to math. Luckily, Danny loved math because he could learn lots of new skills.

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“Ok class I have a question, why was the math book sad?” said Mrs Weeks.
“Why Mrs. Weeks?” said the class.
“Because it had too many problems!” said Mrs. Weeks while trying not to burst with laughter.
As the class laughed Danny looked out the window and saw the cutest and smallest dog up in a tree.
“What’s it doing up there” Danny thought. Then he saw 3 big dogs who barked angrily at the one up in the tree.
Wait a minute, Danny thought. He understood what the dogs barked.
The dogs barked mean things at the little dog up in the tree. Danny tapped on the window to try to get them to stop, but that didn’t work and they kept on barking. Danny knew he had to do something.

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Danny trudged to art class with a glum face. He knew he had to do something about the dog, but he didn’t know what to do. Logan popped out of nowhere and said “Danny what’s wrong? Did you get a lame superpower?”
“No” replied Danny. “I saw a dog up in a tree today and it was being bullied by 3 bigger dogs, and I tried to help but I just didn’t know what to do.
“How do you know he was being bullied?” said Logan.
“My new superpower allows me to understand what dogs are saying, so I understood that the big dogs were being really mean to the small one.” said Danny.
“I have an idea, during art, how about you yell at the dogs from the windows in the art room!” said Logan.
“That’s not a bad idea Logan, thanks!” Danny and Logan went their separate ways; Danny to art, and Logan to gym.

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Once he was in art, Danny sat next to his other friend John.
“Happy Birthday Danny!” said John. John handed over a present in a box to Danny. Inside the box was a blue toy turtle.
“Thanks John! Can you do me a favor?” said Danny.
“Sure dude, what is it?” said John.
“I need you to distract the teacher so I can save a helpless dog.” said Danny.
“Got it” said John. John faked an accident and fell,so the teacher and all of the kids would pay attention to him, and not Danny.
Danny sneaked slow and quiet to the window and put his back to it so it wouldn’t look suspicious.
“Hey, all of you leave the...

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