Dante’s Peak Film Review

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Dante's Peak was released in 1997 and once you know the premise you can guess the story line. Starting in this case with a volcano, we know there will be: some sort of doom on a seemingly ordinary day in an ordinary town. The plot was what you would expect from a movie of this type. The typical disaster movie formula was played out to a T. A town faces a challenge, characters come together to meet the a challenge, hero's are born from within the town, and somehow thing work out to a degree in the end with big special effects thrown in. In my opinion if you were to walk in after this movie started you could probably estimate how long the story has left to run, there is really no surprises. In my opinion I found it uninteresting with no real new takes on a disaster movie. The characters were what you would come to expect in a drama/action movie of this type, I found them to be boring and as a viewer I did not invest in their characters at all. I found the dialogue between the characters...

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