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John Grisham is a graduate of Mississippi State University and Ole Miss Law School who gave up his law practice to write full-time. Accumulating experience in a large lawyer firm and in Court, he was able to combine his knowledge and imagination to write many appreciated books on law. The Pelican Brief is one of Grisham's biggest successes featuring intrigue and suspense. The main character of the novel is Darby Shaw, a law student, who solves the murders of two Supreme Court justices. She has to stay alive long enough to expose the real truth in the Pelican Brief, in other words, she is caught between justice and survival. Miss Shaw has a high spirit of justice and her conscience does not allow holding inside her important information regarding the judges' deaths. First, as a young law student, she feels responsible to herself to give an explanation of the unexpected event-the two murders. She is neglecting the class work for a week to write a brief based on her own research, describing a theory that she has on the Rosenberg and Jensen case. After she realizes that her theory is true and she is wanted dead by whoever did the other killings, even she was scared for her life, Darby calls a reporter from The Washington Post, Gray Grantham, because she wanted to reveal the real truth, so that justice can be made. Although Darby had the opportunity to get out of the country and escape from the Mattiece's chase, having Gray's help and support, she chooses to continue the research to find enough evidence to backup a newspaper story based on the theory from the Pelican Brief. The main character also has a remarkable survival instinct and the ability to face difficult situation with cold blood. She witnesses how Thomas Callahan, her teacher and lover, gets killed in a car explosion triggered by a bomb that was meant for her too. But even she is shocked at the moment, she realizes fast she is in a great danger so she starts staying in hotel rooms and changing her look; she can not afford to think too much of what happened; she has to run and hide to stay alive. As she suspected, Darby finds out that someone was to her place and took away everything...

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