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Darfur’s Turning Point Or Not Essay

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Evil can come in many different forms. Desmond Tutu claims this to be as he once said, “When people think of the sort of things that happen when genocide happens, it's again not people who are intrinsically evil.” This quote by Desmond Tutu is a definition of evil because not everybody was born being evil it depends on a persons real nature. When many people think of evil they think of the people that they do not like or do not care for. Without people being evil are world would not be as it is today because we have overcame many of those challenges that it has brought to us. Even though the Holocaust was horrible, people may debate that the Darfur Genocide was worse.
Many people do not know where Darfur is. Could it be in Europe? Maybe in Africa? Darfur may seem to be a normal region. Darfur is located in a region of Sudan which is about the size of France(5). In this region, it is a home to over six million people with over one hundred ethnic and tribal groups(4). Some of this groups included Nomads, Farmers, Muslims, Janyaweed, and people who speak Arab or non- Arab Sudanese(4). Even though Darfur seems like a normal region, lately there has been a Genocide going on there that has tore the region apart.
What happened to lead Darfur to a genocide? How long did it go on for? In the year of 2003 Darfur began having conflicts with the government, this lead to the two rebel groups to rise up against the government(12). When the two groups were doing this they were accusing the government for neglecting Darfur. The people have stated that “This war is now been going on for a decade, fresh fighting has forced more people from their homes in Darfur since January of 2013(9). In the last two year combined more people have had to move out of there house since 2003.
The Darfur genocide possibly took place cause many people wanted supplies from Darfur. Darfur had a competition for the natural resources, and land disputes(4). Also, they had right tensions between Arab herders and Non- Arab framers(4). Later after that tensions started Janyaweed tried taking over because the government was not willing to address the human rights in the region and was not taken the necessary steps to restrict these activities. The Janyaweed that took over were armed militia supported by the Sudanese government to carry out the genocide(2). The Janyaweed entered many villages on horses and destroyed many houses and buildings(2). They shoot many men, gang raped the woman and children, and shoot everybody that tried to escape from them(2). The Janyaweed ensured mass destruction and burned building down, and poisoned water wells to kill off some of people. While this genocide has been going on it has forced thousands of people mostly farmers and villagers from Non- Arab groups to flee their homes(2). The people that managed to escape they have to take a long journey to displaced person camps. The people that have been fueling the genocide with armed weapons has been the...

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