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Was Darius the Great's Accession of the Persian Throne Legitimate?Darius I or Darius the Great was one of the great kings of Persia and the Achaemenid Empire that flourished during his reign of 36 years between the 29th of September 522 B.C and October 486 B.C. Darius the Great was one of the greatest kings that Persia had ever seen, he even contributed many of the technologies such as roads. As Darius the Great swept through and conquered much of the near east, he was compassionate enough to let the people of other nations under the Achaemenid Empire retain their customs, language and religious beliefs. But there are debating and ...view middle of the document...

'"So If," he added, "You can think of some contrivance or other, do what you can to see that the prize falls to me, and to no one else."'The Bisutun inscription that Darius wrote himself in three different languages give us quite a different insight into what Herodotus had previously written about. Darius the Great tells us in the famous inscription that "I slew him; I dispossessed him of the kingdom. By the grace of Ahura mazda I became king; Ahura mazda granted me the kingdom." Darius the great does emphasise the blessing of Ahura Mazda being upon him and allowing him to become King. "I am Darius, the great king, king of kings, the king of Persia, the king of countries, the son of Hystaspes, the grandson of Arsames, the Achaemenid." And then he goes on to list his past relatives. This combined emphasis on the legitimacy of his accession to the throne and reign appears to be odd; especially if you consider Herodotus' recounts of Darius cheating to become Persia's great king. In the inscription, Darius the great mentions having to fight against rebels, for example; "Ahuramazda brought me help; by the grace of Ahuramazda did I utterly overthrow the host of Nidintu-Bêl. The enemy fled into the water; the water carried them away." It is a plausible conclusion that the rebels that Darius the Great faced in the early years of his reign were rebelling because Darius' reign was illegitimate after all.According to J. Andrew Mclaughlin; Herodotus does not make any indication that he ever visited the Bisutun inscription, even if he did though he would not be able to read it as his language was neither one of the three languages that the inscription was written in. 'This inscription, carved 300 feet above the ground near Bisutun (a.k.a. Bisitun, Behistun, and Bahistun) in modern Iran, exhibits a relief depicting Darius' ascension to the throne of Persia, his triumph over his enemies, and his endorsement by the chief...

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