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Dark Essay

1356 words - 6 pages

The white stars glow and the small handmade lanterns make a path down to the town far. The salted scent of the ocean blows its breath on me as my legs hang over the edge of the boardwalk while the chilled water nip at my small feet. Giggles over old memories passed between Jessie and I, laughing at all the trouble we made together over the past summers.

"Sage remember when me and you went to Danny O'Connell's house and buried his power rangers after he broke you Barbie dream house. " she laughs.

"You mean when YOU snuck over to his house and buried his power rangers dragging me with you?" I grin.

"Damn right, I wasn't letting that little douche on the block mess with my best friend." Jessie smirks. I pull my legs up to my chest and moving the strains of auburn hair out of my face.

"Jessie you think we're still gonna be close after college, with me going to Atlanta and all.. " I look over at Jessie who 's looking up at the dark sky as if she's praying. "Jessie, what are you doing?"


"For what?" I ask. She pulls her long legs out of the water, rolling down the pants legs of her ripped skinny jeans. "You saw a star or something?"

"For this summer to be our most exciting summer yet." she smiles. She grabs her converse and her socks and look down at me weirdly.


"You gonna get up or what?" she chuckles. I playfully roll my eyes and grab my flip-flops, already knowing where we were going.


We hurry in Dan's Fish and Chips walking straight into the kitchen looking for the leftover over greased french fry pieces that they always attempt to thrown away. Jessie goes look for someone who knows where they are. I listen carefully to hear the response from one of the workers

"Near the stove , right where they always are." he grins. I spot the pieces and scurry to the Jessie can not get them first she'll eat most of them. I see her in the corner of my eye, catching up to damn her long legs.

"No!" I dive for the pieces and my fingertips brush the box as she grabs them pulling the boxes close to her chest and taking a hand full. I raise my hands, acting as in a soap opera. "WWWHHHHYYYYYY!"

"Shhh, Sage the customers probably can hear you." I look up to see my dad, him finger held up to his lips. Jessie tries to talk with pieces stuffed in her mouth.

"Yeah Sge pha cuzamers peabaly ca her oo." she grins.

"Oh whatever french fry snatcher." I laugh.

"Sorry dad."

"Well Sage, today's your lucky day because of the graduation a lot of the teens came to the restaurant to hang out after. And now we have an extra box of french fry pieces." my dad grabs a box of fresh pieces and hands it to me. I stick my tongue out at Jessie.

"I have more."

"But mine our fresh." I smirk. Jessie playfully roll her eyes, and helps me get up.

"Dad were gonna go into the office."

"Okay, just don't break anything, please don't every time you guys leave that room looks like a bunch a bulls decided to raid it." he...

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