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Madeleine L'engle A Wrinkle In Time

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Madeleine L’Engle faced the difficulties of life with a pen and paper. She sinks into her writing and uses it to answer her problems. She was only eighteen when her father died and her young age caused her to look at life in a very different way. Her books are often centralized around a search for a father (Zarin). L’Engle used her fears for her father to create the worlds and struggles between good and evil in the A Wrinkle in Time (Cotter 102). She uses younger children, such as Meg Murray and her younger brother Charles Wallace, as the main characters in A Wrinkle in Time to connect better with a younger audience (Hunter). Children tend to think more about the meaning of life and L’Engle was able to go into more depth with this in her novels (Zarin). Meg shows that the meaning of life comes from being loving and good and not being corrupted by evil and hate. L'Engle states that “[in] A Wrinkle in Time, which most people know best, I’m Meg.” (Veronica). Since Meg is modeled after L’Engle, Meg is able to express some of L’Engle’s deepest beliefs obtained through L’Engle’s difficulties in life like love conquers hate, the struggle between good versus evil, and to be an individual rather than conform to societal standards.
Meg is L’Engle’s parallel in A Wrinkle in Time. L’Engle uses Meg to create a life she was never able to have (Zarin). L’Engle made the life in her books seem more real than reality (Cotter 92). L’Engle makes Meg feel like she did in school, lonely and outcast from the other students (Zarin). L’Engle thought that she was stupid and awkward and she made Meg feel that way too (Cotter 93). She pours feelings into Meg which she could not express herself. L’Engle makes Meg good at the things she was not in school such as arithmetic (“Wonder Girl, Wonder Women: Madeleine L’Engle). L’Engle develops Meg in a different reality than her own to explort the possibilities of what could have been if she had been able to handle difficult things. She gives Meg a big, happy family because she was lonely as an only child (Zarin). The choice of sending L’Engle off to so many boarding schools never allowed her to develop a sense of a stability, and she used her writing to synthesis a representation of it. L’Engle’s loneliness as a child in the boarding schools caused her to create Meg with the same feeling (Veronica). L’Engle’s writing allowed her to cope with the pain she felt from her loneliness and grief from her father.
All throughout L’Engle’s life she was plagued by her father’s unknown future (Cotter 99). Meg uses her unconditional love for Charles Wallace to defeat the evil IT on the planet Camazotz (Zarin; Cotter 97). The Dark Thing, which is in control of IT, represents all the unknown fears and uncertainties that Meg must face to save Charles Wallace. Meg is not able to see this love within herself until she overcomes her biggest enemy, her insecurity about herself. What originally started out as a quest to save her father quickly...

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