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Dark Matter Dark Energy Essay

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Astrophysicists, those with NASA, profess to know more of what dark matter and dark energy is not than what it is. Astrophysicists claim that dark matter is a matter, in which, is almost indiscernible. The components of dark matter is said to be many, but in some cases still leave questions unanswered. As with said matter, physicists also find themselves in a similar situation with dark energy. Though, astrophysicists say that this dark energy differs from anything in space, there are possible solutions to explain the existence of this energy; as well as dark matter.
As stated above, astrophysicists know more of what dark matter is not than what it is. Many solutions to this mystery have ...view middle of the document...

All of these prospects and yet, dark matter deliniates from every space particle listed above. This matter is still being researched due to its predominance in space.
Moving to the next obscurity, dark energy is said to be more of a property of space opposed to a visible component, in which is declared to help expand space. Albert Einstein was the first to realize that space held more than what meet the eye. Einstein explained that “empty space” could hold its own energy. Because this theory is a property of space, it cannot and will not be degraded. As more space comes into existence, more of this property fills into our universe. This theory explained why dark energy is there, but not how it came to be or how it helps expand the universe. This question can only be answered with propositions as dynamical fluid or field, a new theory of gravity, or Einstein’s theory of gravity is incorrect; it’s hard to decipher. Atlas, the said theories help explain why this energy is settled in space and how it affects space expansion. One theory is that space acquires energy--the quantum theory of matter. The quantum theory of matter is a property of matter and radiation that have particles and waves used to explain radiation energy. These theories help explain why dark energy is present in the atmosphere, lack thereof, but does not delineate why this energy is existing. Secondly, astronomers and astrophysicists alike,...

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