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The Galactic Federation cruiser Nova Lord disintegrates in the upper atmosphere of the planet Arcterra as it is dwarfed out by Dark Samus’ flagship, the Annihilator. The cruiser was on a mission to attack the flagship. However, it underestimated the ship’s firepower, and was promptly captured after a brief skirmish.
A laser shot rings out aboard the bridge of the Annihilator, and is followed instantaneously by the collapse of a Galactic Federation prisoner to the floor, a black scorch between his eyes. Weavel swings his pistol back into his holster, as Sylux silently forces Federation commando Ron Wyatt to his knees. The bridge doors open, revealing three ominous characters: Noxus, Trace, and Dark Samus herself. Wyatt stared into Dark Samus’ eyes. The red glow omitting from her black-silver helmet stared back. Dark Samus’ eyes could not be seen; her hate, greed, and power-hungry nature had caused her eyes to turn to a shade of bright crimson red, so bright her eyes were invisible to all who look upon her.
“Why hesitate? Just finish this.” Wyatt says with unease. Dark Samus walks slowly to him, raising her left hand against his face, calmly stroking it.
“In time, Wyatt. In time. First…I need something from you. Something precious…” Dark Samus cackled over her vocoder. The dark figure takes a couple of steps in front of Wyatt, before releasing a heavy sigh. Her tall figure lumbers over to a control console, and she inputs a small code. A hatch opens in the bridge wall, and a Metroid appears. Wyatt glances up, and almost instantly Dark Samus senses the fear sweeping over Wyatt. Metroids were infamous for being some of the deadliest creatures, especially in their younger stages; the deadly claws on their underside latch on to living beings, draining the life energy from them within a matter of seconds.
The small but intimidating creature floats around the bridge in a somewhat confusion, like it is not adapted to its surroundings. However, within moments, the Metroid sights Wyatt, and latches onto his neck. Wyatt releases bloodcurdling screams as the claws of the Metroid penetrates his neck. His eyes become bloodshot; his skin pales to a grayish-blue colour. After several moments of agonizing pain, Noxus charges and fires his Judicator weapon, freezing and killing the Metroid instantly. The shell of the creature is taken away by several of Dark Samus’ minions. Wyatt trembles on the bridge floor, fang marks scarred onto the back of his neck.
Sylux and Kanden lift Wyatt’s trembling corpse from the...

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