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Dark Sides Of The Mass Media

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Media is the most powerful weapon in the world. It can make common people popular in one day, it can make an innocent person be convicted in the court of public opinion by mistake, or it can damage both the reputations and personal lives of successful people. How much and how often should the public know about personal lives of people? Is it important for mass media to carefully consider what “the right to privacy” means? Are journalists aware of the fact that they sometimes make the whole situations worse while intending to satisfy the public`s endless hunger for daily coverage of the news? Mass media`s unnecessary and constant focus on people`s lives are very bad for two main reasons.
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For instance, if a person, who wants to get a good job, has a lot of controversy about his personal life, which has already been revealed to the public, he or she faces many obstacles. To be more precise, while interviewing a candidate, admissions might wonder about that person`s performance or life-experience up to now, and if they find any unpleasant or secret information about him or her, they might hesitate to hire the applicant. As a consequence, this person is obliged to endure an unbelievably disappointing outcome. Another example is the difficult time period when people and their families undergo humiliation and shame because of the irresponsibility of journalists. This irresponsibility pushes some people and their family members to deal with awkward and unpleasant situations. For instance, Children can be humiliated by their classmates at school because of the unreal and unkind speculations by mass media about their parents` personal lives. Furthermore, what kind of woman or man would like to marry a person whose private life has already been demonstrated by the media to the whole public?
Adversaries of this position about privacy argue that taking photographs or making videos and using personal information then conveying them to the public is what the journalist should do because it is their business. They insistently allege that media workers are entitled to make society aware of what happens in their surroundings. Somehow, this perspective can be seen as a legitimate reason to maintain the merits of the mass media. However, journalist had better to take into account that they violate the laws, namely they freely ignore three crucial and integral parts of the thirty fundamentally acknowledged Human Rights by the...

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