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Dark They Were And Golden Eyed Essay

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Dark They Were And Golden-Eyed
     Science fiction is a very interesting subject because you never really know for sure if it’s fiction or not. The scientific information contained in these stories makes you think; could this be real? The possibility is always there, in the back of your mind, just lingering around that these concepts could be reality. One day when you hear on the news about something you read in a science fiction novel, or saw in a science fiction movie, you’ll really start thinking about it. Ray Bradbury’s Dark They Were and
Golden-Eyed is a great science fiction story to get you thinking about science fiction. I’m going to try and use Bradbury’s story as an example of science fiction as genre. In Dark they Were and Golden-Eyed Bradbury shows you how life might be like if people lived on Mars. He gives the people a reason for going to Mars and then a reason why they must stay there. The people on Mars slowly start to change, their skin turns dark and their eyes begin to be covered with a gold film. None of the human really cared except for one, Harry Bittering. Harry was reluctant to stay since the second he stepped on to Mars. When him and his family got off the rocket and looked around Harry got a cold look on his face, “What’s wrong?” asked his wife. “Let’s get back on the rocket.” Said Harry. “Go back to Earth?” said his wife. “Yes! Listen!” said Harry (131). Bradbury repeats a lot of words like wind and gold. He said “The wind blew as if to flake away their identities.” (131). The idea of losing your identity is a theme that is revisited throughout the book. Harry was never comfortable living on Mars, especially when everything started changing. The food they had planted was changing their skin and their...

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