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Dark Tourism: Zicasso Travel Essay

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Dark tourism, which is also referred to as grief tourism or black tourism is a kind of tourism that involves tourists visiting historic sites where horror, massacre, or massive deaths occurred as a result of natural disasters or man-made annihilations (Foley & Lennon 1996, 2000; Brook 2009; Isaac & Çakmak 2014; Tarlow 2005). It appears that tourists are developing a new tourism sensation in the regions where gross atrocities and tragedies were experienced. For instance, recent trends have seen Ground Zero, Auschwitz, Choeung Ek site, Costa Concordia, Fukushima, Pompeii, Chernobyl, and Hiroshima’s Peace Memorial Park among other locations receive huge and unprecedented tourism ...view middle of the document...

As a couple, they made a decision to be taking two international tourism trips per year (Zicasso 2013). However, organizing these trips proved to be a challenge due to their work schedules and the complex trip requirements. They needed an agency that offered such services at a fee to ease the burden from the consumer. They conducted extensive online searches for such agencies and managed to identify a handful (Zicasso 2013). However, these agencies proved ineffective in achieving their travel needs and they decided to start a travel agency that would enable consumers to customize their travel plans. This was made possible by drawing a vast pool of travel agencies from diverse locations and integrating their agents within their system (Zicasso 2013).
The most important concept in the creation of the Zicasso travel agency was to ensure that customers seeking long distance and international tourist trips had their plans set in order with flights, accommodation and travel guides secured in advance for easier transition from one location to the next (Zicasso 2013).
Brian designed a system whereby only travel agencies with the highest star rating remained in Zicasso’s database (Zicasso 2013). This was as a result of a series of formulating stringent and rigorous systems and standards that these companies have to adhere to otherwise their contract is terminated (Zicasso 2013). The company has been instrumental in recruiting highly qualified personnel as part of their advisory staff, whose main function is to help customers come up with a customized travel plan as a complete package (Zicasso 2013). These advisory staff must demonstrate intricate knowledge of the particular destination where they will act as consultants for and have a multiplicity of local contacts, which includes contacts for hotels, travel companies and car hire companies among others. Such experience is critical for the company solely relies on such information to formulate a credible plan for their customers. In some instances, the company seeks multiple agents in specific locations to identify consistency in formulating travel plans. Each company joining the Zicasso network must ensure that its rating remains at least 4.25 out of 5 stars from consumer review otherwise the company is eliminated from the Zicasso network (Zicasso 2013). Such high standards have made it possible for these companies to have an exquisite planning process and sound customer care.
Zicasso Travel’s Impact on the World
Zicasso is a company with strong global presence. Its impact on the global front has been huge. From its foundation, Zicasso was designed to integrate a multiplicity of travel agents and agencies into a common platform where consumers can design customized travel plans and packages. In this package, the consumer knows the company that s/he will be travelling with and the next agent handling their travel plans.
Zicasso has made it possible for tours and travel companies throughout the world...


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