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It was his first, a winter so cold that he would joke about dying rather than experiencing it, but this season's winter would change how Takash felt about that. He was a hard working laborer, just like all the other men in the village, working at the field sunrise to sunset. He had a wife, two children; his hut was one of the first to be hit by the sun's ray in the morning, which he liked. But none of that mattered much once the winter rolled around. Food was scarce, even the rich and schoalrs were barely holding on.
One particularly freezing night, the family needed a larger fire than ever before. The man set out to grab wood from their storage. As the man brought more and made a second trip, he didn’t notice the spark landing on his wife’s blanket. The fire caught on quickly to the cotton blanket, it ate up the cloth quickly and engulfed the woman next. She awoke and noticed the fire around her; she panicked and ran about the hut. She screamed and screamed but ...view middle of the document...

His mind numb, he walked about trying to find a place to rest. As his last bit of food ran out he stopped to take a rest on the broken log. He looked around to find an empty cave. He would have to do with the cave for now. He built a fire as quickly as possible and slept.
Most of the time he would just stare out into the wild, his mind void of thoughts. But sooner or later he would have to find water and sustenance. He stumbled around, scavenging anything remotely edible. Berries, nuts, leaves. One day, as he was scavenging weakly for food, he found a squirrel hanging out on a tree. He saw this opportunity and threw rocks at it. After many tries he hit it right between the eyes and the squirrel spiraled down and landed with a small thud. Takash’s heart jumped and he quickly skinned it with his bare hands and cooked it in his cave. For the next couple of weeks, squirrels were his main source of food; he was even smart enough to store some for later.
He feasted happily on the small rodents. But months into the winter, the source dwindled as winter went on and the varmints started to hibernate. Day after day, the hunger in Takash’s eye grew, his brain paced about as his stomach growled for something to invigorate him. Even the natural sources of nuts and berries withered to where it was useful only for firewood.
The desperate man huddled up close to the fire, sweat dripping down his forehead as a thought of death started to creep in. Days passed like that, his sight grew blurry, his stomach gave up on growling and biting, Takash just layed there motionlessly to save as much energy as possible. One day, even out of his blurry vision he saw large figures approaching. His mind jolted with the last bit of energy he had left in him and he ran happily towards them. He smiled at the thought of the villagers realizing his innocence, now running even more vigorously. He opened up his arms but skidded to a halt. His vision cleared and saw that they were not indeed villagers there to save him but bears, ready to replenish their energy spent during their hibernation. He tried to run, but to no avail, the bears caught up and clawed the man without mercy. He screamed and screamed, unable to retort, he felt the bites and rips, the cold air making it sting much worse.

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